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Trevor, thank you for sending me a private message, I can read your messages fine but when I try to send you one, it doesnt work. Yes I live in Liverpool, and I know where Thwaites Brewery is in Blackburn, I lived close to Duttons Brewery in Mount Street when I lived in Blackburn. Dave hasnt been quite as hot today so I am hoping he will be able to make his appointment this week at the Outpatients Clinic, they really need to get to the bottom of all his hot spells.

Dolores, when you get a message there is a box at the top of it on the left which is the reply button for that pm. Click on that and you should just be able to type the reply and click send. Hope this helps Image
Thank you Myrtle, I will try again when I get another message
hi dolores pity you cant send a privat messagetracey belly is swollen and she as times when she is hot and sweaty it can be cold and she will whant the windowes open i yous to like it in blackburn realy nice peopel i live in hyde near manchester were dr shipman came from we have 2 littel dogs they are tracey"s baby"s i am glad i fond out you wernt abel to send pm i will check on here daily untill you can do the pm speak to you soon your frend trevor hugs and kisse"s take carer Image Image
Hi Trevor

I love Blackburn people as well, although they are nice and friendly in Liverpool too. So your wife has hot spells too ? Dave says the hot spells make his breathing so much worse, and he is having them every day, sometimes they are not too bad and he can manage, but sometimes they are really bad and he can hardly get his breath with them, please God they get him sorted out soon, the hot spells make him so irritable and hard to live with.
tracey is the same when she has those hot spell"sshe can iritable and agry at me for no reason it allso makes here breathing worse it is very hard what we are doing but we have to do it no body else will i hope my message"s are helping you i do hope they soon sort things for dave soon then you know were you up to and you know what you need to do i will look tomorrow or later tonight speak to you soon dollores take care your frend trevor Image Image
Hi Trevor, looks like you didnt get my private message to you. I hope it is ok by Board Rules to give you my e mail address so you can write to me there

The hospital think that Dave's hot spells are due to something else apart from his Emphysema, possible TB, we are going back to the hospital tomorrow morning for an appointment with the Consultant and he has run out of steroids so whether they will give him anymore or not I dont know, we will have to see, he is on 6 a day in a morning at the moment.

What I miss most are the holidays we used to have every year, country cottages in North Wales with our then 4 dogs, we now have only 3. We stayed at a 6th Century Banquet House in Rhuddlan, it had a trap door in the lounge which led through to Rhuddlan Castle, one night we were both tipsy and explored it and got right up to Rhuddlan Castle but the entrance was shut.

There was supposed to be a ghost in the Banquet House, I can show you loads of pictures if you can e mail me at AOL. I hope I am allowed to put my e mail on the Board. I am so glad I have a good genuine friend in you.
Hi Dolores, I'm afraid I have edited your post to remove your e-mail address, the reason being that this is an open board which gives your address to the world.
But I have sent a pm on your behalf to Trevor with your addy Image
thanks myrtel see you soon Image
You're welcome Trevor Image
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