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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
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Glad it went well Mandy, I didnt get to sleep until 4 o clock, but I usually have one night a week like that so I cant complain too much
Never mind sweetie - i always find its a peaceful time of day Image
This place is great for making friends Mandy and I have made quite a few, your good self included, friends make the world go round
Hi Dolores and Dave

Image Image it sounds a bit like us two - Andy and Mandy Image

We have been very busy the last few days so i hope you are both OK. Sorry but i have a large group of friends not on the Forum or Flickr and they like to chat on the phone.
So ive been giving them time to tell me whats been going on with them.
Ive also had a lot of letters to write to my family in Italy, Australia and USA, my children and again other friends.

I like to write "proper" letters in preference to the computer. its much more personal and i trawl thru local papers and poetry sent from other friends to send to them. . Things they will like, enjoy, find funny, for discussion at later dates. So apart from usual care with Andy , my new garden and sleeping ive had little time for the computer.
I learnt in 2010 that the computer is not a lifeline as most see it, its a means to an end Image

Hope you are both OK and that Dave is feeling a little less hot.

Mandy xxx
Hi Mandy, no he is going worse if anything, hot all the time now, sits in the house with his coat on because his arms are cold but his head and chest are still hot, he is also saying he wants to go into a home and is going to discuss this with the Nurse on Wednesday, I just cant seem to talk to him anymore, he has cornflakes for breakfast, a soup with no bread for dinner and a rice pudding for tea, he will be losing all the weight he put back on in hospital but when I try to talk to him about it he gets angry, dont know what I am going to do
Hi Dolores

ive sent you a PM xxx
Thank you so much Mandy for your concern and I will do as you advised me. I still dont know how to send a private message but I will follow your advice, and thank you so much for all you have tried to help me with. It is much appreciated my friend.

Hi Dolores

Thinking of you and Dave.

Morning Dolores
Im about to send you a few pictures from yesterdays outing......all by myself.

If you see this post at the rt side there is my name ranicat and the date i joined. Under it is PM in red - click on this and it takes you to a fresh message with mine at the head. It also has my name in who the message is going to.


You can go into them to read where it says above "user panel and then in brackets ( 0 new messages)
if you click on this it takes you too your messages even if there is a ) in it. It will give you a list of all your personal messages read or unread.
By the side again is the PM for sending personal messages. You click and it opens a clean new message so you need to put in which friend your writing too.

It took me a bit to navigate this and still learning. have a go at both ways to me and if they dont get here tell me what you did. Write it down and ill see where we both going wrong.

Mandy xxx
Sorry Mandy, I just cant get my head round personal messages, please send me your e mail address again, I am so sorry to be a nusiance
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