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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
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I am fine Trevor, Mandy is doing her very best to help me and she is doing such a lot, will e mail you later

Your welcome Dolores - i thought i would have forgotten it all but it only takes a catalyst to open the memory banks and it came flooding back.
Bit like riding a bike Image
Mandy you have no idea how much you have helped me to understand more about Dave's problems, I have printed out what you have told me and will show it to Dave this morning, if he wants to see it, there is no telling with Dave, he is the strong silent type and I rarely know what is going on in that head of his.

The steroids have never really bothered him, he will be finished with them completely later on this month so that is a good thing I hope. Mandy, I just wish we could e mail each other privately, but neither of us know how to send a private message on this forum, to me it is far more complicated than other forums and as you dont like Facebook we will just have to carry on as we are. I am so glad you got in touch with me and in a way I am glad I have helped you a little, I think you are so clever at what you know, you amaze me, and thank you so much for helping me. May God bless you always

Your welcome my new friend-

I think we have a lot to offer each other and perhaps a little alike..........ive sent a PM personal Message i think Image Image Image

If it gets to you let me know but if not let me know too and i will try again.

Kind thoughts and warm wishes for a good day - Mandy
Oh it got to me Mandy and I have e mailed you now so we can begin our friendship properly. You sound just like my kind of friend and I am so lucky to have you. We can send each other loads of pics now and I can show you my Chihuahuas, life is so good now Mandy, I am sure that God sent you to me

Oh Dolores i often feel very hallowed when people offer their gods blessing - i sit on the fence re GOD or any GOD as ive seen so much pain and distress over the years its hard to believe a deity would do this to us.........humanity is suffering too.
I like to think there is a god as it gives great comfort throughout the world. Although most war is based on religion or in the name of .........etc

Mandy x
I trust in God every day Mandy, without him I would be nobody

In that case i will bask in your gods blessings and be like a lost sheep - needs a little coaxing back to the flock Mx
I will coax you back Mandy, we are lost sheep without the good sheppard
Good Morning Dolores
Hope you and Dave had a reasonable night. I slept for 5 hours all in one go and Andy no seizures Image
- i think this place is really helping me to destress.

Regards Mandy
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