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Hubby's carer.

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hi everyone.
My hubby has vascular disease and vascular dementia and is also catheterised. Any idea's on getting him to drink more fluids?. i have real problems when I keep giving him drinks, which he needs to help stop the constant water infections. he is also unable to walk more than a few steps .
Hi Margaret.
Welcome to the forum. They're not conditions I have much experience in, but if it's a problem to keep having to bring drinks throughout the day, would it help to get a Platypus? They're used by long distance walkers. Basically it's a big pouch with a long straw on the end. I used to fill one up with two litres at the beginning of the day and give it to my wife, knowing she had plenty of water as and when she needed it.
If it's a problem of your husband not wanting to drink much I'm afraid I can't offer much advice, though others may be able to.
Welcome to the forum Margaret,

I also don't have experience with your hubby's illness so this suggestion might not be relevant!

Ice lollies - you could make them yourself from pure cranberry juice which I know is good for preventing water infections as is barley water squashes and they come in a variety of flavours.

Hope this helps
Hiya and a warm welcome to the forum.

Hiya and welcome lots of friendly people in here Image
Kat x
Hi Margaret and welcome Image
Mine isn't keen on drinking enough either, but I give him food with a lot of liquid content, soup, custard, fruit, jelly etc.
Did your husband used to enjoy a beer?
Years ago when I worked on a ward the consultant would prescribe a glass of beer for any of the men who weren't drinking enough fluids or had lost their appetites Image
Welocome to forum I have this problem with my hubby who has a supra pubic catheter. I just have to constantly remind him. He finds whilst its pretty boring water is best for keeping the infections at bay.
thanks everyone for your welcome and advice,, some things ive tried like ice lollies and jellies ,,and will certainly try the ones I had'nt thought about..