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How do you deal with working in different language - Carers UK Forum

How do you deal with working in different language

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Hi everyone
I moved over here from Thailand to be with my husband after three months I got a job in care home. My previous role was nurse but I couldn't work as nurse in the UK without pin number I would get more work experience before sort out to get pin number. It's hard for me to work with different people and different work styles. I have impact with difficulties in communicating that sometime I miss understanding what they said. I thought if I work hardest than them might look at me in another side but it wasn't.

Do you have any advice?

Many Thanks.
Hi Chanyapak
This is a forum for unpaid carers who are looking after family/friends etc. so I'm not sure you will find the advice you are looking for here.
I hope you find an answer somewhere that helps you though.
It's an IMMENSE challenge to work using another language - your written English is very good (I can see a few small corrections needed, but hey, I don't know a single WORD of Thai!!!!).

Also, when working with elderly people who may not be used to hearing English spoken by 'foreigners' (!), and who also may well have both cognitive difficulties themselves, and speech impediments, that is an even bigger challenge!

I'm wondering whether it would be better to hone your 'conversational' language skills first, say for the next 6 months, rather than try and work professionally at this early stage after your arrival here. I think it depends really on the care home - if the other staff and managers are happy, then do, indeed, continue to improve your language skills 'on the job' until you are fluent and idiomatic.

I do think it's a shame you aren't working as a nurse! The UK is DESPERATEY short of nurses (the government refuses to fund their training, so the NHS is forced to recruit heavily abroad - ie, to 'poach' the nurses that other countries have taken the trouble and investment in training!!!!).

With that in mind, it would perhaps be better for you to do all you can to qualify for UK nursing regulations, so you can do what you are trained to do already (under different rules - but the actual medical knowledge is going to be the same as you already have!), as that is where the need is. Of course, care and nursing homes also employ nurses, and it is absolutely certain that geriatric nurses are even MORE desperately needed in the UK!

Although, as Ree says, this forum is for family carers, not professionals, I do with you all the very best. Like I say, it's such a shame to waste your medical skills on working as an 'unskilled' carer, instead of nursing!!!

Kindest wishes, Jenny