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How do you deal with frustration? - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

How do you deal with frustration?

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Jenny, In reply to your question about my dad being put on tranquilizers for his anxieties, I took him to the docs, she has upped his sertraline, he was only on 50mg, she has upped it to 100mg, so hopefully he should start to "wind his neck in" soon! lol. xx I am optimistic. He hasn't started it yet, she has added it on to his next repeat prescription to be collected in a couple of weeks time. (he was mid blister pack collection.) Let's see eh? xx He openly admitted to the doc that he was a misery guts and worries about everything, and he thinks things up that could go wrong! he is terrified of something happening to me! she told him I have to live my life, we will see if it has some impact! xx
hello Beanie, if you can, sleep in a different bed. xx... apparently I am the snorer in this house, My dad can hear me in his bedroom. he told me it sounds like I am chopping wood, and fortunately he finds it soothing:-). The same can't be said for my boyfriend, in the rare event I do get back to my flat when my sis comes up, My boyfriend has a panic attack at the thought of me coming back to sleep. He ends up on the sofa. Not good! xx I have every sympathy for you from a fellow snorer. xxx
Aww thanks, such a daft and little thing to find frustrating really, if thats my worst niggle then I am holding up well Image
I wonder how our carees would react if they were the carer for a week, and we were the carees?! Would they turn on the heating for us, draw the curtains etc. etc.? What I find most frustrating is the way extremely well paid social workers and hospital staff don't do their jobs properly. Worst of all is the way they try and talk down to me because they meet me in the context of my caring role. I've yet to meet a social worker capable of understanding a simple balance sheet - but they are the people supposed to be protecting vulnerable adults from abuse! Even when I've shown them the most glaring errors on M's money record sheets, they've refused to take any action, just because I'm The Carer. I have worked with accounts, in various ways, for over 30 years, and if I was allowed, I could show them in well under 30 minutes, how to get a simple balance sheet right every single time. No one wants to know, because I'm The Carer.
Hi Bowlingbun
A very interesting point! I have told Social Workers things they have denied the situations existed and yet when the situation was provided to be exactly as I said they say I am a bad lot! The evidence is there.
I have recently had a letter from a legal firm. The comment they make is out of order but I expect they think they can get away with it because I was a carer and now an invalid myself. I was working in legal areas long before this wee lawyer was ever born and hopefully this cheeky blighter will be well shocked when they get the outcome of their comment!
Another cracker going on just now is that the "helicopter" who at once time was a Home Carer for Social Services caring for other people's elderly relatives while having been caught conning money out of my mum then totally avoided the family for 15 years, threatened her own children never to go near us, has turned up now that all my parents and grandparents and husband are gone, pretended to be friendly towards me for 18 months then started making demands for money and she is at the back of the comment made by the solicitor.
The other thing is that had I needed care from my parents and grandparents it would have been forthcoming without question even if it was difficult for them due to their health and age. My own kids have a queer idea of what care is about but I suppose they are trying! I do hope that the "helicopter" has a miserable old age - she really earned it with her carry on. At the moment I can not find a single person with a good word to say about her.
Its a forum nick name for a relative who you never see, who then suddenly swoops in, either gives a whole load of (usually useless) advice or suddenly demands rights, then swoops off out again.
Lol it took me a while to cotton on to what helicopter meant - it's a good name though, suddenly dropping in or taking off - I imagine most of us have helicopters to contend with.
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Yeah thats how I get too. I seem to get so frustrated with the little things. Like say my mother messes up her computer (forgets her password and gets accounts locked by entering it wrong so many times, etc). It doesnt take me long to fix, but it really frustrates me that someone else's mother who's her age but doesnt have her disease wouldnt of got themselves into that mess to start with.

I think 1 of the key things is trying to have timeout, do a lot of things for you.

Sorry I cant give any better advice
My son was brain damaged at birth. When I get frustrated with things he does, I try to remember that it's not his fault, any more than it's mine. We both have to do our best in the circumstances we find ourselves. There are so many things he would like to be able to do that he can't, which frustrates him too.