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Housing uncertainty after mum moved into care home - Carers UK Forum

Housing uncertainty after mum moved into care home

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Hi all.

This is my first post.

I had been caring for my mum who has Alzheimer's for the last 4 years. I lived with her in her council property. In May 2015 I met with the housing officer to see if I could be added to the tenancy. The HO told me she would discuss it with her manager. Anyhow I let around 4 weeks pass before I chased it up. I rang to ask to speak to her and was told she wasn't off that day. When asked what the call was about, the customer service agency called up the notes on the computer and told me I would need power of attorney to assign. So with that info, I proceeded with an application to the Court of Protection. This took until November and a couple of weeks after being granted this I contacted the council. New HO had taken over and it took around 4 weeks of calling and leaving messages to actually get to speak to her. she told me that I ca t do this. The. I met with her in March when mum was in hospital to tell her that it was likely mum would be moving straight to a care home and wanted to know what my options are. She told me that I could succeed on mums death, but as this is not the case, I will have to wait unti my is officially no longer a tenant before they consider me for rehousing. Just want To make it clear that I have no expectation to keep a 3 bed and know that I would have to move to one bed assuming they let me succeed or grant a new tenancy. CAB even told me twice that I could just assign it quite easily, so I feel I've been led up the garden path by various professionals. Mum has been in the care home over 6 weeks now so I'm now just waiting. But if I get notice to quit, do I have any grounds for appeal? Thanks for reading

I would make a "Subject Access Request" to the council - do this as quickly as possible. Just write them a letter, sent recorded delivery (very important so you have proof it's arrived) asking for copies of everything they have on file about you. They will have 40 days to respond, but should do it quicker. Doing this, you should have evidence of what you were told. Whatever happens DO NOT MOVE OUT. Ring Shelter, who will tell you what the council must do.
Thanks bowlingbun. I requested SAR last week via the council website so I guess I'll have to wait a while. I'm so frustrated,I've had my hopes raised time and time again. Spent nearly £1000 for the COP to enable me to assign only to find out this was all incorrect. At my wits end. Giving up hope. Can't face homelessness. Would rather not be here to be honest. But will sit tight and see what happens
I don't know the SS, only that the bureaucracy can be a nightmare (!), BUT, I was wondering whether you could speak to a housing officer and say 'Look, IF you can offer me a decent one/two bedroom flat/house (whatever you personally need), and IF my mum now has to stay in residential care for the rest of her life, THEN I will move out promptly from her house and we can all get on with things!'

They doubtless have a queue round the block of families eager for your mum's house, so they may agree to 'fast track' your 'swap' to a place suitable for yourself.

BUT, definitely don't move out, don't sign away anything, don't be fobbed off, and don't get dumped with some dump they find hard to let to anyone! Plus, make sure your mum is definitely sorted 'permanently' at the care home, so never needs to come home again.

You've saved the State thousands and thousands in caring for your mum so far, so make sure you get decent accommodation out of it. Ignore any pressure the council put on you - it's not your fault there is inadqueate housing stock in this country. It's the government's fault. They should have built more council housing, not sold it off, and not let the population of this country soar uncontrollably!

I think that getting in touch with Shelter is an excellent idea.

All the best, Jenny
Thanks Jenny, I'll get in touch with shelter at the weekend. I am actually astounded at the councils attitude and how slow they move, as you said there are families desperate for 3 bed homes and I'm baffled as to why they are dragging their heels. If they agreed last year to add me to the tenancy before my mum over to a care home, I would have had us moved to a two bed and some poor souls roughing it in temporary or B and B accommodation would have been housed by now. I do work, but I definitely cannot afford to rent a one bed property alone on the private market. Will see what occurs
Have you checked to see if you would be entitled to Housing Benefit?
I won't be entitled to housing benefit. I work full time, and whilst my salary is ok, it definitely wouldn't be enough for private rent in my borough or even neighbouring boroughs ascent alone would take more than half of my salary and that would be for a modest shabby property, and then there is the expense of moving every one or two years. If I'm not housed, I will be destined for years of poverty, despairing working (and my job isn't secure either as a result of my caring role). Am very worried
Still waiting for my subject access request response. I requested this on 27 May and, whilst I appreciate the 40 days has not yet passed, I'm concerned that they're. It going to send me the information :(