Hospital air mattress. What bed linen should I use?

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Dad's still got his air flow mattress but OT got me some Wendy slide sheets now. This make manual handling a lot easier - repositioning, rolling etc and they are washable same as normal sheets. .
bowlingbun wrote:
Fri Sep 08, 2017 10:29 pm
Hi Rob, welcome to the forum. It can be so difficult determining what the "right" information is. My mum's air mattress, ordered bt the hospital, arrived finally about 2 weeks after discharge, just dumped in the hall. I rang the equipment store, who said it should be installed by the person who ordered it, only their paperwork didn't say who that was. I then went to the sugery,finally , several days later, the District Nurse csme to fit it. Only the wrong size had been ordered! No advice given about sheets at all!
Thank you :), I agree, they should not of dumped it but fitted to the bed as the equip store should of fitted it, in my dept we have to fit the equipment as we are trained and usually when we del the bed as the D/N usually specifies a mattress whether it is a pink softfoam with repose or a plus 2 complete mattress replacement or they already have a pink softfoam and they need a airflow one, We always recommend flat sheets and let them drape down the side or tuck in very loosely, but fitted sheets must not be used though, if u need any more info I'm happy to help