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Hi I am a new carer

I look after my wife who has suffered a stroke with many complications, due to her intolerance to the drugs given, Lynn has lost the use of the left side of her body including sight and requires help with all transfers via a standing hoist.

We are both 59 years old and live in Sittingbourne Kent; Lynn spent four months in hospital and returned home about 6 weeks ago. I work full time and have carers to assist 3 times a day, I am sure we will, in the future, come across many new challenges but at present we are coping with this life changing experience.

I will in future be looking to remain in full time employment, although at present I am taking a substantial amount of time off due to appointments with various organisations i.e. Stroke Association, Hospital appointments, OT’s, PT’s, builders, etc I am fortunate that the company I work for are extremely understanding and helpful. I will in the near future be looking to employ either a full time carer or housekeeper to look after Lynn Monday to Friday during the day, I am able to look after her needs at night and weekends, so if anyone has experience of employing direct help some information would be helpful.

Hi Alan.

Welcome to the site.

Sorry to here about your wife.

Im local to you.(nr maidstone).

There are lots of supportive people here, you have come to the right place.

Tracey x
Thanks Tracey for your kind words and support.

I do see us as being in a futunate position in that Lynn's condition could improve given time.
Welcome to the forum Alan, they are a great bunch of people here.
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Hiya and a warm welcome to the forum.
Hi Alan and welcome Image
Welcome to the Forum,hope you find it useful and fun. Image
Hi Alan. Very good to have you with us. Am sorry to hear about you circumstances but you sound organised and determined to make the most of things for you both. Good for you. As others have already said, this is a friendly and supportive place to be. An excellent choice, if I may say so.

With all good wishes,