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hiya every one! - Carers UK Forum

hiya every one!

Tell us a bit about yourself here.

my names Rin and i care for lil girl called Amy, she has arthrogryposis,, i also have 4 step daughters.

Amy is currently having her feet corrected so is in a wheel chair. i do not know any other carers,, but have a very quiet group on MSN which is nice to know im not alone but it is veryquiet and i dont really ave the time to keep it going as much as i would like.

love looking after amy, shes a lovely lil girl and its very rewarding! I do feel as a carer a bit isolated at times and some times stress mayeb even a bit of depression starts to seep in but she seems to get me though it with her funny lil sayings and lovely smile.

look foward to chatting to u all!
Hi Rin and welcome.

You'll find we're a friendly bunch. But watch your chocolate biscuits - they tend to disappear around here... Image Image
nearly always have a packet of hobnobs on the go-- some days they are all i get time to eat lol

thank u for the welcome!
Hi Rin,

Welcome to forum and so good to see that you have already posted in various sections of the forum.

Like Charles said we are a friendly bunch so I hope you feel right at home.

Take care
Hi Rin

Welcome to the forum Image

I see from another posting you're a fellow cross stitcher although like you I don't get that much time these days with looking after Mum.

Look forward to chatting with you soon.

Take care

Paula xx
Hello Rin

Just wanted to add my welcome to the others. Haven't managed to read any of your other posts yet as I haven't had much time last few days. Your post above tells me that your only human and that caring yet so demanding can be very rewarding but can make you low at times, I do hope that by coming to the forum when you can that sharing it will lighten your load.

Take care
Maryann x
thnak you peoples!!

its just nice to feel that im normal(ish) Image for once!
Hello Rin, thanks for the posting you sent me. You sound a very strong lady, and I send you my best wishes.........I love choccy bics too lol.

Linda x