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"My Dad won't eat" - Carers UK Forum

"My Dad won't eat"

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Hi everyone
I'm the new girl and goodness me it's nice to talk to someone about this....My Dad is 86 and came out of hospital about three months ago. He has heart failure and is propped up with a cocktail of medication which I manage for him. Both my parents have lived with my husband and I for nearly thirty years. We are in our mid 50's. We started out as best friends just wanting to live together and raise our three lovely daughters. Our three generation lifestyle prompted the nickname 'The Waltons' which used to raise a smile. Now we are into 'injury' time and we are fulltime carers for Mum and Dad. Up until Dad's illness, we were still able to get around and especially during the Summer were away a lot in our caravan. The last few months have been extremely hard. I can do all the practical things for my Dad and I'm a dab hand at home nursing in general, but I cannot get him to eat properly and I'm at a loss to know what to do. He says he wants to get better, but he also says that he can't taste food and doesn't want it....hence problem. I've had to blend some of his meals and have invented some spectacular food shakes and smoothies and yet some days he hardly eats a thing. Dad gets very confused at times and I suspect he's not firing on all cylinders, but he's such a lovely man and I don't want to lose him for the sake of a few good dinners. Any suggestions out there? I would be so grateful to hear from you.
Regards Lady B
Hi Lady B,

Have you tried getting some of the supplement meal drinks? The Gp prescribed some for my Nan and she seemed to enjoy them.

Karen x x
Hi Lady B,
Have you tried getting some of the supplement meal drinks? The Gp prescribed some for my Nan and she seemed to enjoy them.
Karen x x
We used the Ensure plus ones for mam sometimes.They come in a variety of flavours.They were a stand by in case she never ate anything.
If your dad can handle them, some mild spices could be added to give flavour to his food.
Another way I used with mam was smaller meals more often.
Hi Lady B nice to meet you and welcome to the forum Image
Hi Lady B and welcome.
My Mum hasnt eaten properly since last August, I can only get her to eat Weetabix (breakfast, lunch and tea) but it is still a struggle to get her to eat them. I have to crush her tablets onto the Weetabix as she cannot swallow them, so I really have to make sure that she eats it.
Apart from that my Mum has 3 Ensure Plus drinks a day, sometimes more if I can get her to drink them. It is a case of trying all the flavours and coming up with ones she likes, my Mum will only drink Raspberry or Strawberry. You can get the drinks on prescription from your Doctor.
These drinks really are good and my Mum hasn't lost anymore weight since having them. The Doctor and Dietician seem happy enough as well, so give them a try.
Good luck, I know how worrying it can be.
Bluebird Image
Hi Lady B and welcome Image
Hi Bluebird, Rosemary, No 1 Mum....
Thanks for the advice. I've got the Doc coming in the morning so I'll have a chat with him about the suppliment drinks. Image I have to say just sending a message to you all last night made me feel so much better. Thanks again for the info.
Lady B
U r welcome Lady B. Good luck with the Doc tomorrow, let us know how you get on,
Bluebird x
welcome to the site!

amy goes through these stages , i know with u this isnt a stage but we get milkshakes called skandishakes and she likes them,, and we have a powder called maxigule (spelling may be wrong) that i add to wot she will eat. Failing that chocolate, melted with some milk goes down a treat, the dietition said it doesnt matter wht she eats as long as she gets the calories, fat and calcium, thank fully she is in pig mode at the moment and eating everything in site.

good luck with it all!

Hi Bluebird
Just thought I'd mention, but we have a tablet swallowing problem too. I have to crush all Dad's medication and serve it up on a spoon wrapped in a liberal dose of honey. It works a treat. Some of the pills are those shiney hard ones that catapault across the room when crushed between two spoons, so my other half suggested I might use our pestle and mortar which up to now has just sat on the window sill looking pretty....brilliant idea!
Lady B