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new today

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello everyone, I am more a carer emotionally for my Mum and Dad there is a limit at the moment what I can do as I live a little distance away and have 2 primary age boys. I have done all I can to get them help which works quite well up to now but its never enough.
I would really appreciate people to talk to as I find it hard to talk about to those arround me. This is probably because non of my friends have experience such as mine. I am very close to my parents and to see them both aging and becoming ill and disabled is a great sadness to me and generates a lot of stess.
hello janet

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i live a 2 and a half hour drive from my parents, and quite
recently have had to travel to see them as they are becoming
quite confused and ill, i am sure there are a lot of people in
a similar position to yourself, and you will find a lot of
kind people on here who will give advice and support.

Morning Janet and welcome
lots of good people on here to talk to
Hello, Janet, welcome to the forum.

People generally do not understand the stresses and practical difficulties of caring, until they have to do it themselves - I know I didn't myself!

My nephew's wife has been very short with me in the past, I am sure she thinks that looking after her two daughters and working part-time is harder. This from someone who offloads the girls to grandparents fairly frequently, my nephew is there to help and take them out, and unlike me, she gets the house to herself sometimes, allowing her to get all sorts of things done without interruption. Then there is the fact that when looking after healthy children you can expect them to become more able to look after themselves, also better at understanding and remembering what you tell them - the opposite of looking after elderly people.
Hi Janet

Welcome to the forum.

There are quite a few of us looking after elderly relatives - some have them with them at home and others care from a distance, as you do - so I'm sure you'll get lots of help and support. You can offload your anxiety, stress and anger here - we will all understand.

My Mum is 85 and has various mobility issues plus she has dementia as well. I don't have her with me as I only have a 1 bedroom flat and I don't stay with her because she only has a small flat as well, so for the time being we are managing with me seeing her daily for a few hours each day, plus I'm only the other end of the phone if she needs me. Luckily she only lives 10 minutes away by car, so I can be with her quite quickly if needed.

best wishes

Hi Janet,

Just wanted to add my welcome too.

x x
Hi Janet
Welcome to the forum, you will make lots of new friends here who will help and advise you.
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