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Hi to one an all - Carers UK Forum

Hi to one an all

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I am new to this site I've just become a carer for my dear mum who has dementia, at times I feel alone an very very sad to have lost my mother and friend to this disease Image [/b]
Hi sweety and welcome Image Lots of lovely people here, many in a similar situation, you'll soon make friends Image
Thanks a lot I am not sure if this will post in the right place,if so can u add me as a friend
Sweety it's fine where it is. We don't 'add' people as friends, we just are Image
Hi sweety and welome
I look after my Mum too, she hasnt got Demetia though - thats my Mother in Law.

My Mum is just as mad as a box of frogs Image

Very tired and fed up Linda tonight

We're all friends here sweety and help each other out. A warm welcome from me. If you want to get to know everyone here roll call on carer to carer is a good place to start.

Hi Sweety (I could get into a lot of trouble saying that in front of my wife!! Image )!

Welcome aboard!
Hi and welcome to the site.
I'm new too and have found the forum useful as people are all in similar situations. I also look after my Mum but her medical needs are mainly physical, and she is in her own home, so a bit different to you.Dementia is such a cruel condition.
I recently registerd with my local Carers group which is a good source of support and advice- do you belong to one? They also told me about a Carers assessment which looks at the Carers needs.
Best wishes
Welcome to the forum.

If you click here it will take you to a page where lots of information for carers. Hope of some help to you, just holler if any questions, usually someone around.

i thank everyone for your replys i think i just posted something in the wrong room i am so not use to this, i wonder if anyone can tell me how much carer's allowances is also attendance things