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Caring for disabled hubby aged 50 in Lancashire - Carers UK Forum

Caring for disabled hubby aged 50 in Lancashire

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi im a newbie and this is the first time i have joined such a forum so very nervous.

My name is Lynn aged 56 and I am main carer for Steve my hubby who is 51 he has battled bowel cancer and on last op 4 years ago got pneumonia and had a massive stroke (blood clot one) and had a leg amputated (blood clot 2) so as you can imagine the life we had is very different to the life we have. before our world collaped we had what you could call the dream life both working full time enjoying life and having a lovely home and good holidays now we seem to be living on benefits and handouts and i am so tired of having to fight for things for steve that i feel by right should be available. Steve was a civil servant for nearly 30 yrs and I was a legal secretary.

I find that help and information very difficult to find and cope with as the only respite care available is in nursing homes which for steve is totally out of the question so I have had no respite breaks for over 2 years now and even then that was because I had to have my gall bladder removed and was in hospital. Sometimes I wonder who gets the more depressed me or steve which can make matters worse.
Hi Lynn,

welcome to the forum. There will many others here who relate to the changes in their lives once starting a caring role. Please dont be nervous, you are among people who understand what you are going through, understand how you are feeling.

Take a look round, read some of the posts and join in wherever you feel like it. No one stands on ceremony here, we all muck in. Swings and roundabouts too, today you are looking for support. Not a doubt that at some point you will be sharing some of your own knowledge with others here too.


Welcome from me too, just getting on this forum is a gaint step forward, so many people here to back you up whenever you need a prop. Image

What part of Lancashire are you in? we used to live just outside Bolton.

Hi Lynn and a warm welcome from us, my wife is from Lancashire, near Rawtenstall, Image
Hi and a warm welcome from me. Image
Welcome from me I m over the Pennines from you Image

Life changes on the turn of a dime for many of us and its hard at times, I am getting use to my huband being at honme 24/7 right now and he isnt in good health, but i guess we all just have to get on with it in the end x
Hi and welcome Image
We used to live in Manchester, my oh was born there.
Welcome to the forum, sorry you qualify to be here.
hi and welcome sorry to hear about your husband,life is cruel but we just have to get on with it,i have had to learn this as well with my hubby,im quite newish to the forums so still getting to know people,dont be nervous big hugs they are a lovely bunch on here and im enjoying myself on the daily roll coll Image,enjoying it more than facebook at the moment Image