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hi there, i'm new to this - Carers UK Forum

hi there, i'm new to this

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
hi I am Cinders, a Berkshire lady and I care for my mum. At 84 she came to live with myself and 2 of my 4 children still at home. So far so good it is working out well, despite her taking control of tv remote! Its early days yet she has been living here 3 months, we have had lots of fun but i always have when mum and i get together. At the moment mums health is good but she struggles a bit, i consider myself lucky to have her with me for the last chapter of her life, and despite the physical care she needs, her mind is quick, her laughter contagious, and her sense of humour is naughty lol. The kids find it so funny when she tells me off (i call them kids but youngest is 18 other one at home is 28)
Its a shame my siblings have started to decrease their visits as she misses them. On the good side i dont have to make them all coffee!
I have a big mastiff or should i say i HAD, he guards mum most of the time he only wants me at feeding time ha ha
I wont bore you any more but will now go and read more of some very interesting posts i have seen. Image
Hi Cinders, welcome to the forum. I support my mum too, she is currently in hospital but usually lives alone, about 6 miles away from me. I was disabled in a car crash in 2006, so my son and his partner moved in to help me, as I'm widowed. They have the upstairs of the cottage, we share the lounge and kitchen, and I have the downstairs and sleep in the garage, now converted to a lovely bedroom. Thanks to two knee replacements I can now walk again, but my garden is simply too large for me to look after on my own. Does your mum have TV in her bedroom? I bought a small flat screen TV in John Lewis recently for my kitchen. It cost £120 with freeview and a 5 year warrantee. It's perfect for smaller rooms.
Hi Cinders and welcome. I am a full time carer to my Mum and we live together. I'm so pleased that you are enjoying your time with your Mum, it is invaluable.
Thank you for the welcome,
Mum refuses point blank to have a tv in her bedroom but she does have a laptop and could watch things on there, but she only goes on it for "spider solitaire" The one downstairs has more use eBay Amazon and Facebook and is used for research if she wants to prove a point, Mum is knowledgeable about computers so no problems there.
I am enjoying this time with mum as i am aware it may not last so i am grabbing as much from it as i can. I feel i should store up all the funny things for memories.
Once again thank you for a nice welcome
Hi Cinders, I also care for my Mum but she doesn't live with me. She is currently in sheltered housing but we are in the process of getting her moved into residential care as her needs have become much more complex recently.

How lucky you are that your mum is still so bright and enjoying her life. Enjoy every minute. She sounds like a real character. Feel free to share some more stories with us. Image