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Hi there

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Hi all, I'm a little new to this so please bear with me. I'm 26, live with partner who has social phobia, generally leads to bouts of anxiety and depression and he is also severly agraphobic at the moment. Gave up my job about a year ago to set up my business, needed more flexibility and to be able to work from home, but is not going great and am really struggling financially. Not getting any help at the moment, have tried the doctors many times over the years and have been completely useless. I just feel that I am at the end of my tether and would be really nice to talk to people who understand.
Hello Shell

Welcome to the forum.. Image

Sorry to ehar that your business isn't going too well, maybe you need to give it another while, not sure of what business it is but most take about 2 years to take off. I know that doesn't help you now but probably adding to your worries with your partner, which is making things so much harder to cope with. Have you seen whether your entitled to anything as your income is low?

I'm sure that you'll find the forum very supportive and your in the right place as we all understand the struggles that come with caring.

You take care
Maryann x

let the business go maybe and apply for everything online.. and i mean EVERYTHING!!!!!

this is the best site i have been on,, its fantastic for support and just a natter !!!

take care !
Morning Shell,

Just like to add my welcome too.
You will find a great group of people here who will listen and support you as best they can.

Look forward to reading more from you.
I recognise the situation as my wife suffers from a mental illness, I workrd for 10 years on night shift, eventually I had to give my notice in and become a full time carer as I was spending more time at home than at work, now I can concentrate one thing at a time and to be there for her, I found that caring and working didn't really mix, I applied for everything that I could get my hands on.
Have you tried the Benefits Inquiry Line, the number is (0800) 882200, it is all confidental, you don't have to give your name and you can ask them anything that you like regarding any benefit, it really helped me.
Good luck in what ever you decide.

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