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Hi there! - Carers UK Forum

Hi there!

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I care for my husband, John, who after a stroke in 2009, now has vascular dementia and Alzheimers. We recently moved into my father's bungalow that I inherited January last year.
Although I have lots of interests I have virtually no time to persue them! Image

Looking forward to getting to know other carers here.
Hello Jenny and a very warm welcome Image

Thanks for introducing yourself. Yes, a lot of us wish we had more time for ourselves. Comes with the job I guess.

Its really good to have you here. A friendly lot here. Always ready to lend an ear and offer some support or just company. Hope you soon feel at home.

All good wishes,

Thanks for the welcome! This time of night is my best time as John is safely tucked in bed and I can have a little time to myself, only trouble is I'm too tired to do anything!!
Hi Jenny,
Welcome to the forum, hope this site helps with the isolation, there is usually
somebody about. at any time. nice to have you with us.
Take care
Minnie Image
Welcome to the forum Jenny - caring can be a tiring business can't it. I care for my 80 year old mother who has dementia. Lots of friendly, supportive people on here who are happy to listen and offer advice when you need it.

Jo Image
Hi and welcome. Image Image Image
Hi and welcome Image
Hello and welcome from me too.

I seem to be following Audrey about today.

Take care
Hi and Welcome, Image
Nice to meet you
Hello Jenny, welcome to the forum...good to have you on board!

Bell x