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Hi recently joined - Carers UK Forum

Hi recently joined

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi, I'm new to all this and trying to find out if there is a general chat site on here?

Ive been advised that there is a roll call section, but I can't find it. Unless this is it of course lol

Would be nice to chat with someone

I care for my 17 yr old son, who has been disabled since birth.
Hi Nezzie, I joined today as well so I don't know much more than you. I look after my 96 yr old mum. so we are both carers with probably very different stories. 17 years is a long time. For me it's coming up to 5 years. Would you like to explain a little of your situation. I bet there are people here in similar situations. Good luck anyway.
April's roll call is here https://www.carersuk.org/forum/social-a ... call-32645

But mostly anything goes. :D

The three lines top left take you most places. I always use 'read unread posts' as that shows me everything since my last log on

The little house top left takes you to main menu type index of all threads

No one minds if something is under wrong heading, our moderators will need it if needed

Welcome both

Changes need to move in last line. I am hopeless typost :lol: :lol:
Thank you Mrs Average

Just checked out the Roll Call section.

Still not sure I'm in the right section as nothing much seems to be happening in there either lol

Lovely to connect with people though, so much appreciated
Posts can be sporadic. Most members don't have the time to be online continuously. You'll see replies start to trickle through
We don't have a live chat section. I often pop into the forum through the day, as I'm now just a part time carer, but in total I've had ten family carees, from new born to 87. Parents, brother and husband all died. I've also had about 8 operations and was disabled in a car crash, so that covers almost everything possible! I live in the New Forest.
Hi Nezzie ... a chat room inhabited by carers ?

Now in the past.

The Carers Trust ( Known to many of us under their old name ... Princess Royale Trust ... PRT for short ) had the most active one a few years ago.

For whatever reason , the numbers dropped , and , towards the end only a handful were regular chatters.

Their chat room facilty , together with their forum , are no longer in existence.

If you search , using Google or any other search engine ... CARERS CHAT ROOMS or CHAT ROOMS FOR CARERS ... hardly any will be revealed although some disability supporting organisations have chat rooms with a few carers participating.

It might be worthwhile exploring " FaceAche " .... Facebook ... as several groups sprung up following the closure of the CT chat room and forum ... mainly social as was the old forum for the last few years.

From memory , Carers UK have never had a chat room facility , most social interaction is through postings under threads normally to be found in the SOCIAL AREA section.

If at all useful , the occasional exchanges of views , or reaction to what's happening in the outside world affecting us as carers , may be found under many articles appearing in the NEWs SECTION.
Goodness me bowlingbun, you've really been through the mill.

Like you, my family have experienced multiple unexpected early bereavements.

I just have my son and my 80 year old mother to look after!

I'm in the East Midlands.
Thanks Chris

You're very right in what you say, I've googled until my fingers bled lol. No chat rooms.

Appreciate your response though anyway!

Happy caring.
East Midlands ?

If Worksop is anything to go by for carers , you have my sympathy.

Nearest tea and sympathy centres are in Sheffield and Nottingham , not exactly easy assessible by public transport with some needing to take their wheelchair bound caree , often with oxygen mask ( Former mining area ) , with them as they cannot be left on their own.

Neither centre offers a home visiting facility.

Needless to add , the caree travels free , the carer does not.

At least one of our local Astronomy society members helps out as best he can ... part time volunteer driver for a couple of local disability organisations ... now actively helping carers on my recommendation.