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Hi, Newbie Here

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Hi Everyone

My name is Emma and I'm a newbie to caring. My 68 year old Dad was admitted to a psychiatric hospital back in March with psycotic depression. We are in the process of getting him home because there is not much else the hospital can do for him. While he has improved a little a brain scan he had while there has shown significant changes to his brain and now he's not the Dad I remember.

Our biggest problem is getting him interested in the things he used to like before he became ill. While in the hospital he does absolutely nothing, spending most of his time in his bedroom. He has spent a weekend back at home and is coming again today for another weekend. Forcing him to do things won't help I know that, but I feel that he will just sit and do nothing otherwise. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Hello Emma and welcome to the forum Image

If your Dad has been hospitalised for the last 6 months I suspect that it will take some time for him to get used to being back home. In hospital he has been used to an institutionalised regime so just being able to do what he wants, when he wants will be a big change for him. Just take it very slowly and at his pace to start with, once he's back home with you for good then will the time to think about awakening his interest in his old pursuits. For now just keep him company, chat about everyday things and tell him how happy you are to have him home for a visit and how you are looking forward to him being back with you for good.
hi emma a big warm welcome to a great site coffeex
Hi Emma and welcome Image
Good advice, as always, from Susie.
Thanks for the welcome and thanks Susie for the great advice. Image

It's all going OK so far. He's in the conservatory doing some jigsaw which funnily enough was something he was never interested in.
Hello emma and welcome Image
Welcome Emma. I do feel for you having to come to terms with the changes to your dad. Image

I am in the process of preparing to become a full-time carer when my husband comes out of neuro rehab and although I suppose at the moment I am more of a ‘lurker’ on this site feeling a little on the fringe, I have found it to be really informative and have noticed how hugely supportive the members are to each other.

Like your dad, my husband is 68 years old and although the circumstances are different, I too have found that he now eats, drinks, watches programmes and does things that he would never have before. I tend to play games with him which stimulates him in many ways, perhaps you already do this but if not, it may be something you could enjoy doing together that might help. Doing jigsaws was something that was suggested to me by members of a Brain Injury Group that I attend so was interested to read that your dad has started to do one. Image
welcome from me too, emma, and don't forget to look after yourself as well.
phoebe x
Hello Emma, welcome aboard!

Bell x