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learning to drive to help with my partner

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Hi i'm new to this site and really just looking for a bit of help or any information that might help.
My partner has a very rare condition complex regional pain syndrom (crps) which affects his leg he can't put any pressure on it at all so needs to use crutches to get around. His leg and feet have swollen so much that he is usually a size 9 and has to wear shoes that are a size 11. The pain is so bad constantly and the slightest touch is agonising for him.
He also has epilesy which means he is not allowed to drive and the medication he is on for his leg sometimes affects his epilesy medication which means he is having more fits.
He has to visit the pain clinic which is 21 miles away every month not including all his other hospital visits and buses cost a fortune £5.50 there and back per person plus waiting there for a bus to return home is no good for him on crutches.
I would like to learn to drive to help him get to his appointments and make things easier for him and maybe try and get him out of the house as he has totally isollated himself and i myself have no friends left cos i have no time for them.
I know about the mobility scheme but i'm wondering is there anyway of getting funding to help with the lessons as i can't afford £30-40 an hour which is the going rates up here.
any help i would be greatful for thank you
I'm not sure but you might be able to get direct payments once you've had a carers assessment by social services and they would tell you if you can use part of it for learning to drive. I'm sure it would qualify due to your needs and reasons.

It's not something I've had experience with, using the payments for driving lessons but they do say these payments can be used towards making your life or your caree's life easier.
some LA's (local authority) will pay for a carer to take driver lessons in certain circunstances, it is a case of you having to call them and ask im afraid.

but not all is lost if they dont, you can buy a car or get one from motability if your caree is entitled to the high rate mobility (DLA), anyone that has hold a car license for more than 3 years and is over the age of 21 can supervise you, only you need to be insured to drive the car the supervisor doesnt need to be insured, but bare in mind if you go down the route of buying a car the insurance for a learner driver will cost you a small fortune.
if you get a car from motability please be aware that motability insurance have restrictions in place for learner drivers and drivers under the age of 25, motability insurance will only insure learner drivers and drivers under the age of 25 for cars with less than 115BHP and insurance group 18 or lower.

hope this helps ya somehow and good luck
I can't advise on the driving Geraldine but wonder if your husband can get help with transport to and from hospital, sometimes this can be provided by the hospital concerned?

Maybe ask at the pain clinic he attends or at the GP?
Hello and welcome Image
Hi Geraldine and welcome Image
I'd ask about hospital transport too.