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Hi newb here. - Carers UK Forum

Hi newb here.

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello everyone, One of the carersuk organisation staff suggested I join the group and the forum to seek some advice or help.
But I also like to help others too. Give and take.
I am registered disabled, well into my 50s male with some quite unpleasant physical and mental health issues which are complex and in the majority due to a very nasty road traffic accident I had in 2001. Its a very long story and not a pleasant one to tell. My life changed radically at the time of the accident and I survived by the most incredible good luck. But something more than just good luck. My life is challenging and I am also the full time carer of my partner and soul mate Ruth. We met some years after my accident when I was homeless. We are both bikers and love rock music, festivals and bike racing. We have quite a unique connection. We were both knocked off our motorcycles in hit and run accidents by a car and a van driver who did not stop and we were left to die at the roadside. This was before we met in separate accidents.... she was riding a Ducati 916 and I was riding a Suzuki Hayabusa. We have some similar health problems.

So we act as carers for each other and when we are both very ill at the same time then nothing gets done.
We are both quite subject to infections and other illness due to weakened immune systems.
We are very lucky to have each other and I cant imagine life without her.

I still talk about my old career and its not easy letting go of decades of study, obtaining new qualifications and new skills and at work experience. But my health is poor and deteriorating. My quality of life isn't good, but I am lucky (again) to have a strong positive mental attitude and the ability to get things done.

However this often doesn't help a great deal when dealing with national and local government departments who regularly ignore the rules and the law. The kind of people who put aside their professional ethics to follow whatever local political agenda or cost saving policy. Those people make me extremely angry and they are not true professionals. We call them professionals in title only. Our local governments are incredibly unhelpful.
It has been a profoundly shocking experience to witness the level of shear corruption and dishonesty within our local government. Their behavior has been at times vile without any access to legal protection for us.

Anyway, I keep positive and I know their karma will balance their lives out for them.
I hope to have a chat with other carers and maybe give some support too.
Hi Colin and welcome.
There are other Colins active on here too, and others who are both carer and caree too, but I don't think we have many who has survived so many accidents. :)
Feel free to read and threads at will. Our main non-caring related chat happens in the Members area, but it can depend who and how many are in line before responses come in, but patience is part and parcel offering isn't it?
I care for my young adult son with anxiety issues, the majority care for elderly but there's every type of carer and caree on here.
Kind regards
Welcome to the forum Colin
I hope you find some support here. I certainly have. My circumstances are different to yours as my husband is in a nursing home because of strokes and vascular dementia. He hasn't lived at home with me for approximately 18 months. Life is very different for me, him, and my family. A very difficult journey for us. Getting through because we have to.
Do keep posting, others, I'm sure will be along to welcome you too.
Colin, you and your partner have survived SO much! No wonder you relish your lives, even if they are more 'limited' than formerly.

As for SS/NHS, they are driven, sadly, by lack of money - it overrides everything, the desparate need to make insufficient funds stretch FAR further than they actually can.....
Hi Colin, welcome to the community. Everyone here has a story to share, so keep posting and wish you all the best.
Hi Colin, I'm getting a bit confused with the Colins here! Can you call yourself something a bit different, maybe "SuzukiColin"? Long ago I had a YamahaRD250 when I lived in the Australian outback. Sometimes I rode my husband's Ariel Red Hunter. He was Lead Mechanic/Fitter for a big iron ore mining company. Always said after work everyone else would be trying to start their Japanese bikes, wheareas his started first kick!
My son is mechanic/fitter for our local council. He drives a 1960 Land Rover to work - it looks like a shed but goes like a bat out of hell as he put a Range Rover 300TDI under the bonnet. We also used to have a 1934 BSA G14 1,000cc, a MSS Velcette, and an EMC split single two stroke - that's now in a museum in the Midlands. Other ex bikers here too.