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Hello my name is Ann I am married to Dave who is an undiagnosed autistic we have 5 kids aged 22 21 14 13 and 7, My 13 yr old is Robert and I have just become his carer he is asd. Katie is 7 and has selective mutism but I have not applied for any help for her because she is so normal at home. I have also just started receiving DLA for Robert and I get £50 extra tax credits for him I am over the moon. I mean I have always had to put their needs first and never been able to work which means that we have always been skint. I am going to use the extra money to take them on days out and let them run wild and get the kids things that we have always had to say no to before. Maybe even take them on holiday next year.
Hello Ann

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Goodness you do have your hands full! Glad that you have got a little extra to help do things that you couldn't do before.

Glad to have you onboard and know that you'll find the bunch here helpful and supportive.

Take care
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