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Moving my mum to live with me - Carers UK Forum

Moving my mum to live with me

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Dear friends, my mum is currently in hospital and she would like to move in with me 100 miles away. Has anyone got any experience of making appropriate arrangements? Or advice? I am trying to fact find, and I feel I am getting conflicting information from the various professionals at the hospital and the local authorities. Thank you in advance. Jennifer
Hi Jennifer and welcome to the forum Image
Sorry, I don't have any advice, but somebody will be along shortly that will be able to help you.
Hi Jennifer

Firstly, don't worry, it's not as difficult as it all seems. Personally I would ask your GP to put you in touch with a Social worker for yourself in your area, mine was very useful in letting me know things that no-one else was telling me. You should be able to ask her/him about services that you probably don't know exist at this time.

There are other members on here that will be able to advice you on moving your Mum, so hopefully they will be along soon.

Stay in touch with us, someone can always help with questions.

I hope it all works out well for you.
My GP practice was very helpful when my Dad moved in with us. First port of call I would think. Get registered as a carer and then you can find out about all the local help available. We don't get much "help" in that way as Dad is financially self-supporting, but our practice does what it can do for us. Welcome to the forum, you will get loads of difference advice and perspectives, and you will never feel alone. Image
Hi Jennifer, I would suggest that you plan this very carefully. Firstly, make sure you know as much as possible about mum's health and medical conditions, especially whether she is likely to need anything special, like a walk in shower. Is she likely to need a wheelchair? Have you got a downstairs bathroom? Can she have her own bedsit so you can each have your own space? I jokingly tell people that my eldest son moved back in and then put me in the garage to sleep. After converting it into a lovely bedroom with ensuite for me, after I had serious knee problems. He has the upstairs of my cottage, and we share the downstairs - I wish I'd insisted they had their own kitchenette sometimes though. I have my own Sky Plus box, radio, kettle, and toaster in my room, and a washer/dryer in my bathroom, so no fighting over who is using the washing machine. I can get to my room without going through the house. I would also suggest a few legal things, like a Power of Attorney for mum (I persuaded my mum to do one earlier this year, just in time for me to use it now, as my mum is in hospital). Make sure you come to some arrangement about who pays for what, and who does what. Also arrange some "me" time, otherwise you will have the status of a slave. Hope that gives some food for thought.
Dear friends, thank you for the warm welcome...I feel confident that there are good people out there willing to offer advice based on their own experiences.....I don't feel so isolated.

Dear bluebird and Melanie, thank you so much.....it's helpful advice that I hadn't thought about so will get in touch with my GP. I'll also register as a carer......To be honest it all feels like a minefield! I get a variety of advice from the professionals dealing with my mum at the hospital, so not sure in whose interests they are speaking with!

Dear Bowlingbun, our home is virtually ready for mum....she has an ensuite room on the same floor as our lounge, dining room and kitchen, so she'll be at the heart of things, but she will still have her own space. We also have a stairlift fitted too....we might need a few more grab rails and maybe a walkin shower. I am also looking to get a lasting power of attorney put in place.

Thanks again everyone, I feel supported. Image
Morning, jennifer,

And a welcome to the forum from me, sorry I'm a bit late coming to your thread, haven't really got anything new to add to the good advice form others, except to say, i had my mother move in with me when she was too ill to cope, and got a lot of support from our GP. Also, I kept a written record of conversations etc with various organisations and departments, social services, local authority etc, as they don't always communicate with other Image and I found myself frequently phoning one of them, to inform them of what the others said/wrote/decided Image

Good luck, and let us know how you get on

Love Phoebe x
Hey phoebe, many thanks for the advice.....I actually bought myself a notebook yesterday to do just as you suggest! Thank you for the welcome too.....I feel so supported with all the advice that I have received from members on here,

Thank you - Jennifer
belated welcome from me too.

feel free to join in anywhere, anytime. You may have valuable advice for us too.
Wishing you all well with the change in circumstances.