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final wishes meeting

Tell us a bit about yourself here.

I have just joined. I have to meet with my relative's doctor tomorrow to discuss final medical wishes. (I am glad as last time we were in hospital and she was critical there was no record and I didnt know what to say) I am worried I will cry or feel sick and my relative is used to me being strong when dealing with doctors and I feel I should be in this situation. It's very hard with no siblings or close family to call, I just feel really isolated, especially when faced with a day like tomorrow! Has anyone else had to do this?

Hi Kati,

It's never easy. You are only human & it is only natural to get upset in those situations. It shows how much you care. You will find your way thru as it sounds like you are a survivor. Come back here after and join roll call in the members section. You will find a load of friendly support there.

Kiki xx
Hi Kati,

I hope that today goes as well as it can for you, we are all thinking of you x
Hope the meeting goes well
YES. About a year ago. It was all a bit of a blur. Still is. Still don't know if correct decisions were made.

We can only do our best.

Yes, it's hard.

Thinking of you.
Hi Kati.....sorry only just read your first message. I fully understand your fears of the meeting (been there as they say). Although You are concerned that you will cry etc, I think it is quite possible that your meeting will be away from your relative and the doctor will be very used to seeing family/carers being distraught too.

It is never easy having "the" discussion with doctors about your loved ones but it is something that many of us will sadly have to do. The care we give our loved ones is very important but the care received and the plans put in place for the end of life although something we may not want to have to think about is equally important and gives you the peace of mind that you are helping your loved one to the ultimate end.

Thinking of you and of course, welcome to the forum Kati.

Bell x
By now you will have had the meeting. If you cried, then actually that's ok, you are human after all.

Sending cyber support.

just wondering how you are now and if there is anything at all we can do to help.
I have been thinking about you. That's all. Wondering if you are still checking in here at all.