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Hi, long term carer, not very computer literate yet! - Carers UK Forum

Hi, long term carer, not very computer literate yet!

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello. I have been a carer for 22 years, having to give up my nursing career 12 years ago to live completely as a 24.7 Carer. My husband is disabled with a back injury, and long term diabetic problems, including blindness. Our elder son , now 22, has Downs Syndrome and Diabetes, and my younger son, almost 20, has Diabetes and Clinical Depression(he has been diabetic since a baby). He is on the mend with the depression now. We also have a 17 year old daughter with no health problems.

I have been a member of Carers UK for a long time now, but did not realise that such sites existed. I am feeling very low at the moment, so many problems with Social Services, I think they have blacklisted me ! It has helped me a lot to read some of the other messages here, to know that Social Services up and down the country are the same, and that it is not just me.

I also support my elderly Dad, now thankfully in a retirement home, after falling several times at home. I do his bits and pieces of shopping, as siblings go out to work and "don't have time"!!!
Just a quick welcome to forum where you will soon make friends.

So much information to be found on the site so take a good look round when you have time.
We are here to offer/receive support so just get comfy and fire away if there is anything else you want to share.


Just like to welcome you to the forum & look forward to chatting to you,
Sorry I've not wrote more only its late & I'm tired now but just wanted to say a quick HELLO!!!
Take care for now Deb x
Hi LazyDaisy and welcome. Definitely one whose name doesn't reflect their character - too busy!
Just adding my welcome to the forum Image

Look forward to chatting with you soon.

Take care

Paula xx
Welcome, here's hoping you find all the support that you need and so deserve from the mad people that reside here Image

There's always someone with a kettle on and although I've heard you have to wrestle them away from her, Paula's the one with the choccie biscuits.

best wishes and again Welcome

Sal x
Welcome to the forum, sorry its late!

Hope that your feeling better and that this is a good week for you. Look forward to your posts

Take care
Maryann x
Thanks for the messages. I haven't been on much over the weekend. (The lazydaisy referes to my hobby when I have time, of cross stitching. Can be done in waiting rooms,cars,and at 3am!

The chocolate biscuits sound good.People after my own heart definitely!
Love Lazydaisy