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looking for recommendations

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Hello all, I am visiting from Australia as I do every year to see Mum. I am looking for help and advice for carer's in Sheffield so Mum can stay at home I will need pretty much 24hour care and I'm not sure of the overall figures I should be looking at and the best people to call, any help would be great fully received. I am not wanting to put Mum in a home at all

Hi Ian ... there is a Carers Trust centre in Sheffield as a point of contact :


What do they " Offer " ?


There is only one way of finding out if they can be of any assistance ... ?
I suggest that you contact the Carers UK Adviceline team as they are the experts on all matters related to caring and benefits.
Need expert advice? You can talk to the Carers UK Adviceline five days a week, no matter where you are in the UK or how complex your query is. We do benefits checks and advise on financial and practical matters related to caring.

Freephone: 0808 808 7777
email: advice@carersuk.org
Open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm

The Carers UK Adviceline also includes a listening service, there for you to talk through your caring situation with a trained volunteer who understands what you are going through. Available Mondays and Tuesdays, from 9am to 7pm.

If you can’t get through on the phones (lines are often oversubscribed) then send them an email, they’ll usually get back to you within 3-5 working days.
Try Bluebird care should cost around 1,000 for a week. I've got PA's for my son and it'll cost 3,600 to replace me for 10 days when I go away as he needs 2 carers.
Lots to consider.
Did you know
Mum might qualify for Attendance Allowance, assuming she is over 65?
That she might be entitled to free Council Tax if she has dementia?
That if she is very, very ill then she might qualify for NHS Continuing Healthcare?
I understand your dilemma, as I used to work in Roebourne Hospital, in the Pilbara!
Look up the private care agencies in the area near your mum, and see what they come up with. My understanding from my friend who uses a live in carer for her father (with substantial dementia and a catheter) who lives with her, but for when she goes away on holiday, is that the live in carer costs around £120 a day (plus food). That's in the home counties - might be a bit cheaper 'Up North??'

If your mum owns her own house/flat, and/or has savings over £23,500, my understanding is that she will have to pay for her own care until she is below that threshold. It's punitive, as you can see. My MIL with dementia is in a care home and it's £100 a day self-pay..

As BB says, IF your mum requires actual nursing care (which is NOT dementia - ie, dementia does not count as a 'medical' need but a 'social' one!), then the NHS MIGHT pay under Continuing Health Care. But not for things like cooking her meals, helping her have a a shower, putting her to bed, etc etc.

Depending on just how much care she needs, and why, you might look at Abbeyfield care homes. They can be not as 'care-home-like' and can be more like 'supported living'. My MIL started out in one and it was very good value. For £1500 month, she got a lovely downstairs 'bedsit' with ensuite, a private patio and a shared communal garden, lunch and dinner provided in the dining room with the other residents, and access to a little shared residents' kitchen to make her own breakfast, plus a laundry room. It was 'sort of' like a student hall of residence for the elderly! The price included electricity etc - if you wanted a phone that was extra. Residents had their own furniture - ie, bed, chair/sofa, table, TV etc. I thought it a very good 'compromise' on living independently versus 'in a home'. Most of the residents were 'frail' and any dementia was 'mild'. My MIL could not manage to make her own breakfast, and got muddled over dressing, showering etc, so a care-worker came in every morning to help her get up, for £15 extra. Many of the residents had that degree of help.

When her dementia worsened she had to go into a 'real' care home. The great thing about the Abbeyfield was that it was RENTAL (SO MANY of the supported living places you have to BUY the flat!)(And dont' get meals provided), nd there was only a month's notice, so was very flexible.

Abbeyfield is a 'charity' - ie, not a profit making organisation, which I think helps when it comes to providing value. I was sorry my MIL had to leave....
Hi Ian,

All will depend on money of course and whether she is self-funding. As a first step, I would contact the Social Services department/elderly care of the local authority and ask for an urgent care assessment. Even if self-funded, they may be able to advise on what is available locally.

Good luck!