hi just new to this .carer to my grandparents

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Stacey, that sounds just right - one weekly shop/meds run, and then either they get other family to do it, or accept the shopping package, or simply gather their needs into few 'outings' so to speak. They will adapt in the end!

Are you finding it possible to get back to work at all, as you transition out of full time caring? I do hope so.

Yes, fly and flop sounds ideal - are you going with chums?

But, all in all, stepping back, holding the line on not getting sucked back in, reclaiming your 'own' life, both work and leisure, and choosing yourself what to do for your grandparents (and what not to!), is the way forward.

Hope this summer is a lot, lot better for you than it would have been 'in the bad old times' of non-stop, stressed-out-caring.

All the best to you, Jenny
I would just like to post an update following the value advise n guidance things are so go well with my granny .instead of being bogged down with all the dutys.i protitised everything seen maself as care manager instead of care giver.and have had the most wonderful 2 weeks visiting her sitting chatting talking about old times and listening to her talking. So much change in maself less stress n change in her too she enjoys my visits having a wee natter n all.thank u pointing things out for me so i could see things properly after a stressed 6 years
Stacey, that's lovely, so much better. Keep up the good work.
So pleased Stacey :)
Thank you so much for the update
Well done Stacey. Good to read something positive.
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