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carers rights

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do we have any rights as carers.where i live there seems to be no help for my daughter who at aged 11 has learning disabilities,adhd,dyspraxia and an iq of 60.there is no help at all for me as a carer who supports 2 family members both with disabilities.can any one tell me if and what rights we have?
Hi fedupalot, love the name, it says it all for so many of us.

Your daughter and the other person you care for have the right to a social services assessment of their needs and you also have the right to an assessment of your needs as a carer. Whether or not any of you will get services as a result of these assessments is impossible to say, it depends on many variables, and the carers assessment is a statutory right but access to services unfortunately is not but, if you haven't already, it's worth trying to get support, just be prepared to be disappointed and then any services are a bonus.

You might also find this link helpful:

http://www.carersuk.org/Newsandcampaign ... rersrights
Hello fedupalot - I just wondered how you were getting on exploring your rights. I think that parsifale is right unfortunately. Once you find out what you are entitled to or what your rights are prepare for a struggle to get anything sorted.
The authorities don't appear to fall over themselves to help unless you push. I'm not a pushy person but have found that if you dont ask you dont get. My tip is to ask everyone who contacts you for help. I have been surprised on a number of occasions when a good hearted official oversteps their own job title to push things forward. A community physio essentially forced a meeting with social services and health at our place which started our very slow ball rolling.
It's perhaps more about finding the right person to help you get what you want - if you find anyone in an official role who is willing to help don't turn it away even if it appears inappropriate. If someone offers you a chocolate fireguard say yes. They will feel like they are helping and may offer something more useful next time. If they think you are ungrateful they will look elsewhere to get themselves job satisfaction (sorry to sound synical) Sorry to ramble hope this helps. PS Never underestimate how many strings a senior district nurse can pull if they are on your side - use them before they retire!!!!!