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new here and feeling very isolated - Carers UK Forum

new here and feeling very isolated

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi All

I'm new on the forum, not sure if this is the right place to post or even if I should be posting this at all. I Think it's basically going to be just a written moan.

I've been caring for my Mom full time for just over a year, we live together and so are together 24-7. Mom doesn't have any friends and the couple I have live in other parts of the country, or are busy with their own families, so I am finding that I am feeling very very isolated and alone.

I was working until Dec 2010 when my temp contract ended and at about the same time found I needed to spend more time looking after Mom, so I became a full time carer. I thought I had made some friends at work, but non of them seem to care to keep in contact and the one I have been in a bit of contact with has told me in not so many words that she's too busy with her own life to even meet for a coffee.

Money is very very tight and so we can't even have outings etc, I have just had to change my anti-depressants as they basically stopped working. The new ones are a bit better but I really feel like I need to talk to someone, the only trouble is I know I will burst into tears the moment I start.

One the bright side we have 5 gorgeous dogs who keep me busy and are the light in my life.

Not sure why I posted, sorry to moan on.

Take care all, hugs Angie
Hi angie _its like you are talking about me instead of yourself .

I totally AND completely understand how you are feeling - my contract finished in june and somehow I have managed to become a carer for my husband . I too feel like I will burst into tears if any one asks me how I am and most of the time I am so irritable and short tempered , then I feel guilty for being that way .

My GP has been keen for me to go back on anti- depressants since november but I have been fighting it . Now I have decided to take her advice but not sure which ones to take as Venlafaxine gave me terrible side effects . which ones do you take ?

I wish I could give you more advice but I can't except to say you are not alone and I think its only natural to want to talk and vent .
Hi Angie,
Hi Angie, Welcome, you can talk to you hearts content and moan as much as you like on here, we are a friendly lot, we all have a moan from time to time, i have a dog and yes they are a life line, could you meet for a coffee on a walk with your dogs with a fellow walker, i fine dog walker are always friendly and i don't know what i do if i didn't have them, there is Barny's by the dozen big ones small ones, Torey a little monkey well a little jack, Tiggi, Willow, Katie, well you always get to know the dogs names first don't you, mine is called Tilly she a lurcher grayhound cross something, hope thing get better for you, take care. x
Hi and welcome.You have friends here,you can chat with people,ask for advice,play games.I know it`s not the same as going for a drink with a mate,but at least you will be with people who care,because we are all pretty much in the same boat. Image Image Image
Image Greetings.Yes,you ARE in the right place.Your among friends here indeed.Welcome. Image
welcome to the forum.
Another dog lover here.I have a gorgeous labrador called Goldie.
What type of dogs do you have?I bet they keep you busy,too!

Welcome to the forums.

Another dog lover here too..i have 2 , pom and german spitz..

Lots of friendly people here.

Tracey x
Hi Angie, welcome to the forum....it's good to talk so you can get things off your chest!!!
Another dog lover too. I have a yellow Labrador,he is 8yrs old and areal character.....love him to bits... Image

Take care Eve x x
Hiya Angie and a warm welcome to the forum, I've moved your post over to new members as it's your first post.