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Hi im a carer from milton keynes - Carers UK Forum

Hi im a carer from milton keynes

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hiya everyone
Im a carer to my partner(soon to be my hubby)
im from the milton keynes area, we have 6 children between us....
would love to be able to chat and make friends
Hi Tracie and welcome to the forum Image Image great to see a new face
Hi Tracie, great name Image

Welcome to the site, you will find plenty of people to chat to here.

Tracey x
Hi Tracie
Good to have you aboard. Lots of lovely people here - very supportive and full of fun. Enjoy! Image
Hi Tracie. Good to have you on board ship ! Milton Keynes caught my eye. Many years ago I found myself living on Beanhill Estate for a short while. It was work related so not entirely a free choice on my part. I guess MK has moved on a lot from those early days. I had friends who worked at the Open University nearby. I had a job to keep up with them - much too clever for me. But enough of my secret history, a very warm welcome and I certainly hope you find the site useful and supportive. I am new myself and have found folk to be very understanding and supportive. And some even understand what I am on about.

Take care and all good wishes.....

Hi Tracie and welcome Image
Hi Tracy and welcome to the forum.Hope you find it useful and fun. Image Image Image
Hiya me again, sorry been really busy last few months, my partner has been in and out of hospitail for different opps so ive had alot on my plate.....

at the moment i feel really lonely as my partner is really unwell and can see me very well, his eyes are getting worse... so i feel like many a night im sitting here on my own at kitchen table stareing at the same 4 walls
Hi Tracie and welcome back Image

Sorry to hear you are going through a bad patch - are you able to get out sometimes and have some 'me' time ? It is important to be able to do that, it helps to keeps the situation manageable and in perspective. Perhaps a friend or relative could 'visit' with your OH for a couple of hours to enable you to get out and visit with your own friends ?
Hello Tracie. Good to hear from you again but I'm sorry to hear your partner has been in and out of hospital and sorry too to hear that you are feeling so low and isolated.

As Susie says, any chance at all of getting a little break for yourself or are you really unable to leave your partner alone ? If you could get out for a couple of hours, what would you most like to do ? Do you discuss how you feel with your partner ? Sorry about all the questions.....

Sorry things are tough for you. Not surprised that you are finding it hard going. I think we would all feel the same way in your shoes. But I think you know you must try to find a way through this and need to have just a bit of time for yourself. This is not selfish time but essential time. We all need this although for many of us it is hard to achieve.

Take care,