Helping your parent have a safe hospital discharge

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HI there Susan here
I would be grateful for your advice
My 83 year old Mum is in hospital following a fall; I am in New Zealand and she is in Lancashire.
Last time she was discharged from hospital three years ago, she was sent to an unacceptable care home that was later closed after a CQC report showed the place to be unsafe.
Fortunately I had come across from New Zealand and I moved my mum after 1 night in the terrible care home to somewhere safer.

Am I within my rights to ask the Hospital social care team to contact me prior to moving my Mum? Am I within my rights to have a telephone conversation with the social worker at the hospital before they discharge my Mum to some where, even on a temporary basis?

I would love to hear your thoughts; I want my Mum to go some where safe even if for a week

Every good wish Susan
The hospital team shouldn't move mum anywhere until there's been a proper assessment of her needs. Presumably you are mum's nearest relative, so yes, I would expect to be allowed to talk to the hospital staff, however they might try and hide behind "patient confidentiality". If they try this, then mum should have an "advocate" appointed so her voice can be heard.
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