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Hi, I'm new too! - Carers UK Forum

Hi, I'm new too!

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I've finally accepted that I'm a carer. Does that mean I'm new to the role? No, I've been looking after my partner since he had a brain haemorrhage (resulting in right sided hemi paresis and dysphasia) 24 years ago. He's also type 1 diabetic, alcoholic, has osteoporosis, arthritis, pancreatitis ....... I could go on but I'm bored!
I'm his sole carer. His family never visit & his sisters actually just seem to add to my pressures!
He gets the lowest level of care allowance (highest mobility) despite needing me to do almost everything for him. He was recently admitted to hospital for 11 days, first time I'd ever been at home alone for 24 years (for even 10 minutes!) and I must admit I loved it!
I'm pretty resilient but currently VERY fed up!
Occupational therapists are now involved and will hopefully change the bathroom into a wet room and fit a safety rail in the back garden. I'll find out next week about that.
A GP has now seen him and will support our reapplication for increased care component, yet more form filling.
I was very depressed when they turned down the last application but today I am seething!
Just had a letter saying they would not reissue his Blue Badge as in the photo he is wearing dark glasses. They are not dark glasses, they have a very slight tint! It really is the last straw.
So much for supporting Carers!
The Blue Badge people do not take telephone calls, how convenient is that?
So I'm emailing them with a copy to my MP!
Sorry for such a long and depressing introduction, I'm quite fun and cheerful usually!!!!
hi dear a big warm welcome coffeex
hey PMA i think you are in need of a (((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))

Like you I accept I am now a carer.
Forms seem to make the world go round and also exist to make life complicated.
I can't claim any allowance as I work as well as care. I can sympathise with the attitude you get from various official bodies.

Just don't give in!

Thanks Royd.

I'm in the same position as you Kazz. Because I've always worked, followed by enforced early retirement on health grounds, I've never received a penny although the hospital told me 24 years ago that if I hadn't taken him on he would have had to go into residential care! I find it so frustrating that the more you do the more s expected from you!

Hi and welcome stay strong and get as much help as you can, do you have district nurses, we see them more than our doctor, can't tell the last time the doc saw my wife.
Welcome to the forum. Lots of DLA claims are turned down to start with, just keep asking for review, etc. etc. and you will get there in the end. Don't give up, that's what they want you to do! Did the hospital discuss your care needs before your OH was discharged? They are not supposed to discharge anyone until they are sure that adequate arrangements are in place. We all feel fed up at times, just be kind to yourself when it's all getting too much. My "cure all" is a warm bath and long soak.
The doctor made a special 20 minute appointment to go through everything with him and me. At the end I asked her to ring me with any queries and she said she now, having met him, would! A district nurse was observing and, as we left, the doctor said to her "very deserving". Yay!!!!

It took me so long to persuade him to complete the forms the first time and it was so stressful admitting to things like double incontinence, that he refused to appeal. But now after the stay in hospital, he's agreeing to everything.

My biggest hope is that they convert our bathroom to a wet room. That would help so much, I could use the pressure hose!

My release is exercise. Love the heavy weights and boxing!!!!
Hello PMA,

Since becoming a carer, I've realised that the more genuine and deserving your claim is, the more hoops you will have to jump through, the more papers will get lost in the system, the more the goalposts will be moved, the more phone calls will not be returned.......I won't go on, I'm sure you get my drift.

The more care you give, the more stress you receive. The more time you give, the less money you receive. The more of a happy front you put up, the more miserable you feel inside.

....and I'm not even having a bad day today!!
Lol. I could have written that!!!!