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HELP Just moved in with my bf who has paranoid schizophrenia - Carers UK Forum

HELP Just moved in with my bf who has paranoid schizophrenia

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I've just moved in with my bf of 2yrs. He was in the army and was medically discharged due to the impact on his mental health. He has paranoid schizophrenia, PTSD and a severe anxiety disorder. He should have a fortnightly injection to help control his symptoms (voices, hallucinations etc.) but since we moved in he's had to re-register with a mental health team as he's now in a different county. And it's taking weeks to get it sorted. He's not had it for 2 months now. He's started a new job as well but has been signed off for 4 weeks as his anxiety is so bad even his work sent him home on several ocassions. So on top of all this I'm trying to hold down a full time job, cook, clean and deal with my own mental health problems (anxiety and depression) and it's all getting too much. I don't want to split up, but I need some support and advice on how to deal with all of this. Or at least relate to someone as I feel so alone, as I don't know anyone else who has been or is going through this 😓.
It's absolutely disgraceful that simply moving location has resulted in this grievous interruption in his ESSENTIAL medication.

First off, I would write to the head of social services, mental health services, his GP, your MP even, etc etc, to complain VIGOROUSLY. Others here on the forum, sadly, have had grim experience of the kind of sloppiness and breakdown that is now the norm for our belageroured (ie, underfunded) NHS services etc.

Making a HUGE fuss is usually the only way to expedite matters!

I completely fail to see why his last area's mental health services can't simply have given him his prescription for his meds for him to take promptly to his new GP - and why can't the new GP see his medical records anyway, and know that that is the medicine that is being prescribed for him? SHambles all round.

Just a thought, but IF you can afford it, would it be possible for him to 'go private' on this, just as a temporary measure? If his new GP will refer him to a private psychiatrist, the latter may be able to issue a private prescription for the next month, or however long it takes to get the NHS into action?

My other recommendation would be this - that your BF gets in touch with the Veterans Support Charities (quite a lot of them - eg, Help for Heroes etc). This is something my niece's ex-army partner has done and they have really come up trumps for him - he's had considerable support with his PTSD etc, including counselling, and some really good 'action therapy' things (one seems to involve track days with other vets!!!!!). It doesn't matter how long ago your BF was in the services - my niece's partner's army days go back to Northern Ireland (the cause, alas, of his PTSD.....)

I will try and find out from her which specific vets organisations he contacted, and send you the details.

Overall, I think if you can treat this current period as 'exectional' - ie, caused by the shameful breakdown in the NHS communications etc etc (I mean, what would be the outcry if someone in your BF's state of mind went completely beserk because unmedicated, and harmed himself or someone else?????!!!!) - rather than it being 'normal' for him.

If you can just 'get through' to him being back on his medication, and with a stronger support structure for him all round (you, the vets charities, counselling in general, etc etc), then you can, I would hope, look forward to building a 'better time together' - and then, too, of course, you yourself will be better placed to seek the help and support YOU need, to get you too on a more even keel.

I do wish you both well, and a more 'peaceable' time to come once this current crisis has been resolved.,