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Hi I'm new here. Feel a bit lost. Caring for my husband with - Carers UK Forum

Hi I'm new here. Feel a bit lost. Caring for my husband with

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Hi . I'm new here. I feel a bit lost. I'm caring for my husband who is suffering from lung cancer. He has been in remission since December 2010 but just heard that he needs chemo again. I am devastated. I feel like crying all the time. Up to now I've managed to maintain a positive attitude. But today I woke up crying and I can't stop. I'm worried about the effect it's having on my poor husband. Normally I would have rung my mum and poured my heart out to her but she died at Christmas from Cervical cancer, I nursed her at home until the end. I just don't feel able to cope any more and I feel so guilty about that. How do others cope when it all gets too much. Please help me if you can.
Hi Blueyes welcome to the forum.
I care for my hubby who has several health conditions but my dad is a lung cancer survivor. Its around 5 years since he was told he was clear.
Its okay to feel they way you do. Come on the site and talk there always someone around to listen and we understand how hard it is sometimes to cope
Thanks Banksey,
Read your reply and just burst into tears (again).! Don't know whats wrong with me. I have read some of the stories from other people who have had to endure far worse. It's as though the sky has just dropped in on me. I WILL be alright by tomorrow, please don't think I'm a moaner. It's this or get plastered with a bottle of wine! But thank you for your kind words. I need a metaphorical hug and I'll be fine. Not sure yet how this forum works but will keep posting. I'll try to stay upbeat for everyone's sake.
Regards Blue-eyes
Hi blueeyes and a warm welcome to the forum. Don't ever feel like you're moaning, you're not, we all need to let out our feelings and emotions at some point, you are among friends here. Have some ((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))).

Thanks Karen,
You have made me feel a bit better. It's nice to know that people can care about someone even a stranger and even in the midst of their own troubles
Regards blue eyes
hi blueeys you are not going on and you are not on yuor own i have meet a lot freinds since i came on here you can always talk to some one on here you can allways send me a message and i will get back to you Image Image

Sorry things are so tough. You're not moaning, just letting off steam. I do it too. To help me cope I talk to others who understand, so this forum is a good place to be for that. But keep checking in and don't be too hard on yourself. It's okay to feel bad.
Thanks berty bear, It's so nice of you to bother to help me. It has been such a help reading all the messages. I crashed in flames today but, like the phoenix I shall rise from the ashes and start again tomorrow. thank you
Blue eyes
You must be positive , I have had cancer twice gone through all aspects of the dam thing , would not let it beat me , and it didnt , if you want me to send a private message let me know , always here to help , welcome to the forum chin up look forward to tommorow , here are two Image Image .
Hi Blueyes

Like you I am a full time carer for my husband and I joined this site a few weeks ago in exactly the same state that you have described you are in at the moment for very similar reasons.

I cannot say a big enough thank you to all the people on here that got me through that awful few days, but here I am and would like to think that I can contribute something in return to making you feel that your feelings are natural. It is very hard to come to terms with your situation, but can I reiterate what all the lovely people on hear said to me when I joined and are now saying to you, that there is always some one here to listen and to give you virtual hugs. It does help so much. I do hope you will feel better tomorrow or even the next day. Take care of yourself