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Hi, I'm new here - Carers UK Forum

Hi, I'm new here

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Just found you all - i am a full time carer for my mum (87) who has had a stroke and suffers from dementia and also for my son (24) who has psychosis

I used to work full time as a project officer for NCH, then went part-time as mum got worse and then had to give up when my son got ill

I have a supportive family (couldn't cope otherwise) but I do miss going out into the world every day

Anyway this looks like a great site and I just wanted to say hello
Image Welcome this is also a very supportive site Image
Hi Springsteen,

Just like to add my welcome too.Hope you find your way around okay.Just holler if any questions.


Welcome - some of us know exactly what it feels like being stuck in the middle, so you are in the right place. Let it rip..... its a tough job being a carer, but together we can make it work....in this galaxy or the next one...I always find that a Mars bar a day helps you work care and play, and apparently that is scientifically verified - something to do with chocolate and the brain....
You noticed I missed out the word "rest"?... Carers aren't allowed rest apparently - some EU regulation that kind of passed us by.... don't worry, we are working on it...
Are you a Carers UK member yet, by the way? Its worth joining up ... we are the only carer-led organisation in the UK and its either free to join as an introductory offer or dirt cheap (someone will put me right on that I'm sure.) It's good to know that we have an organisation that we actually set up, own and run - through local branches, regional meetings and the main AGM where we get to elect the carers who will serve as our Trustees for the next four years. It isn't perfect, but then, what is?