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Cardiff carer

Tell us a bit about yourself here.

My name is Steve. I'm a 50 year old NHS Team administrator.
I've been caring for my wife Pat for about 18 years, ever since she was diagnosed with SLE with a series of secondary medical conditions. A couple of years ago she was diagnosed with obliterative bronchiolitis and is on chemotherapy tablets.
Two years ago she had a fall and fractured her femur, and has had five operations due to healing complications mainly due to her underlying medical condition. On operation number four she had a metal plate and bone graft. Unfortunately the metal plate cracked (through no fault of her own) and she has recently had operation number five to replace the broken plate. Unfortunately she has to remain non weight bearing for four months which as you can imagine is finding it very difficult.
Pat is becoming increasingly more disabled. My main concern is that I may have to give up work to become a full time carer and not being able to manage financially.

Is there anyone out there that's been in the same situation of having to give up work to be a full time carer?
Hi Steve
Welcome to the forum, nice to see someone else here from wales Image

Best place to find info and advice (apart from what other carers can tell you) is for you to ring the CUK benefit help-line.
It is on the website somewhere, or you email CarersUK and ask for the phone number.

Hope thats of help and hope you enjoy the forum, a friendly bunch of people here Image

Hi Cheryl

Thank's for the info, I'll certainly follow it up.
Never been part of a forum before. It's nice to be able to communicate and share experience with people that are in similar situations, quite comforting in a way!
What part of Wales are you from?

Steve G
Hi Steve nice to meet you and welcome to the forum Image
Hi Steve Image
Not far from Cardiff, a lovely city that I don't have the time to visit very often.
Hi Steve,

I had to give up work to look after my Mum who has vascular dementia and has had 20 strokes/tia's. My honest advise to you is to see if you could at least work part time and maybe get a care package from Social Services to help you the rest of the week. SS in Cardiff are really good. Apart from the financial struggle, being at home 24/7 is a very lonely existence and you tend to lose your sense of identity. I miss the company and conversation as I can't even have that with my Mum. You have to think about the impact on yourself aswell as your wife. I wish I had. Take care,
Hi Steve and welcome Image
I should look into a care package, though I do admit it is a struggle to go out to work (I do part time) and then come home and have everything to do, so no way could I manage a full time job, but you do keep a sense of your own identity.