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Hi Just joined - Carers UK Forum

Hi Just joined

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi just joined the group as I am a carer for my partner who suffers with CFS/Chronic pain/fibromialgia. Hoping to pick up a few tips, as even though I have been a carer for these last 2 years, I am struggling with certain things and do not really have any support network in place, so finding advice/tips/an ear to bend, is difficult, if not impossible sometimes. I will probably spend the next few weeks (when I have a moment or 2) browsing the forums and hopefully pick up on the rules and stuff. See you around I hope.
Welcome to the forum. Only another carer really understands. My son is 35, has severe learning difficulties, unable to read, write, do any maths, or speak properly. My mum has been disabled for 40 years, recently moved into full time nursing care due to the intensity of her needs. I have had some serious health problems, I was also widowed at 54. Somehow even friends and relatives who know my situation simply can't understand how difficult my own situation is, and waffle on about absolute trivia. Even the medical profession can say some really stupid things at times. Here you will find people who really understand what it is like to care full time.
Hi Victor and welcome.

Like you I have recently joined after been a carer to my wife for a number of years and have found the site to be helpful.
Hi I'm linda and just signed in for the first time today. It is very frustrating looking after a loved one. I too was a carer but had to leave to look after my husband and no exactly what you mean. Sometimes I cry cos no one understands and I feel alone. I hope this site is a help and am sure people on here will help and understand how we feel
Big hugs xx
Hi Linda & Victor

Although we may have just joined we are very 'seasoned' in the caring role and may find that we all have a lot in common e.g. wanting the best we can get for our loved ones whilst trying to remain sane and strong
Hi Victor and welcome,

I hope you enjoy the forum and find it supportive. It helps sharing experiences.