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Hi - I'M NEW - Carers UK Forum

Hi - I'M NEW

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
HI - I'm new here, so will try not to bore you with the same things you have heard over and over before.

About me: I am a young mid 50s, live in Herfordshire, whilst parents in their 80s are living independantly in Scotland. Independantly is perhaps an exageration, as Mum is not very mobile and Dad has early Vascular Dementia. A daily lunch delivery and a weekly cleaner + me Internet shopping and banking & sorting out everything for them keeps them 'independant'. Ahem !

I haven't had time for a holiday this year as I have been up and down 15 times this year -so far - and it is taking a toll on my health, which is not good at the best of times. My husband has been abroad 5 times ( total 11 weeks ) so far this year working too so we are ships in the night, just passing our business from one to the other as we depart & arrive home. I am just glad I can keep my parents going for now - but it is getting harder both physically and emotionally to cope with toing and froing all the time. And keeping 2 houses running.

That about sums me up ! I am coping so far - but I am aware that this is the start of something which will before long become unmanageable.

For the purposes of this board you may call me SP. ( stands for surfingpiglet )
welcome sp Image some of us are a bit crazy but we find it helps Image Image
Welcome SP.

Have you started to make plans in preparation for when this situation does become unmanagable. Best to start sooner rather than later.

Hope you find time to have a read round the forum and look forward to reading more from you.

Yes - we even have an Annex on our house ready for them - but they won't budge. Managing very well according to them. They do have a point as the Care Service and NHS in Scotland are much better than down here and also moving Dad now would totally bamboozle him.

I'll keep it up as long as I can.
Hi SP, and welcome, east herts used to be my neck of the woods.
Hi SP and a warm welcome from me. Image
WOW - This does feel a friendly place ! Thanks for your welcome. sp
Hello SP and welcome to the Forum (we spread our welcomes through a few days lol) It sounds a very worrying situation for you to be in! If it's any consolation, my mother wouldn't budge at one time, and neither would I have asked her to leave somewhere she was happy with and was coping, but she realised herself that it would be better to be nearer to us, so at last she did move. Although, she did have full mental capacity then. Would be harder for you Dad, I suppose? Just keep on doing what you're doing and go from day to day; maybe your Mum will decide for him? x