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Hi, I'm Mark from Tring, Herts caring for my wife - Carers UK Forum

Hi, I'm Mark from Tring, Herts caring for my wife

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi, I look after my wife who suffers from psychotic depression, I also have a daughter of 20, my wife and I have been married for 21 years and I've been caring for her most of this time, the problem I have most is trying to be 3 people, carer, husband and father, it is so hard trying to be with my daughter and wife at the same time as they both need me, my daughter has got severe stress problems, has anybody got any advise about this as I feel that I am all alone, it can be very hard indeed.
Just wanted to welcome you to the forum Markie.

Going out just now but catch up more later.Others will be along soon to welcome you too.

Welcome from me too Markie.

Paula xx
Hi Mark,

Just like to welcome you to the forum!!
It probably would be a good idea for your daughter to maybe talk to a counciler because having lived within that stressful situation for 20yrs its bound to have affected her.
If she is anything like my daughter she will say I don't need to see anyone I'm ok!!! but she did feel better after she had spoken to someone because it does affect the whole family.

Take care & keep strong
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It's often difficult to find a counselling service but they are worth their weight in gold to those who use the services.
Im new to Carers uk.The reason I have joined is because somedays i feel a bit down and feel scared about the future.I have got friends who I see now and again but they never phone me or call round and it is usually me who contacts them.I sometime long for a coffee and a chat with someone about things that have happened.I lost my mum to cancer 3 years ago and it affected me very deeply as i was with her when she died,in fact I am crying while i am writing this.I do miss her but no one wants to know now and think that I should have got over it a long time ago.My husband understands and we have had chats about it but he had a heart attack in March and he is now on lots of medication and I worry about him although he is back at work now.That was a frightening experience for both of us .I could not bear to lose him as well and it has made me feel a bit sad ,too.We get out,lots and do have quite a nice life on the whole!In fact I always enjoyed life at one time but life changes things.We never had any children which sometime I regret deep down as I am sure that would have helped me .now.I have a lovely sister but she leads a very busy life and I only see her about once a month.I am sure that a lot of people would envy me my life and i feel guilty to feel the way I do.I keep active.How do other carers cope with these feelings.Is it normal.I feel like this,mainly in the mornings,especiallly when i first wake upu.I would love to hear from lots of people about your lives and coping statedgies and how you overcome grief and worry.
A very warm welcome Markie, you will meet some great people here.

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A very warm welcome to you too Carla.

Paula xx
hello & welcome from me as well
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hello & welcome from me as well.