Hi boys and girls, im in a bit of a dilema it would seem, i cant get my head around a few things so im going to put it out there and see what others think.

My caree who is also my partner and obvously we live together with our children. she claims esa which is a joint claim. i get carers allowance.now, before i met my partner i was in debt so every month i have to pay my direct debit back so i dont really get to see my carers allowance as that is used to pay the debt, so i was reading that i could work but not earn anything other £100, so i thought i would look into working from home home perhaps and had a few ideas, not to make me millions,(i wished) but just to make a bit of money so i could treat my family or myself. now the issue i got is i would have to go self employed but this would have an impact on the esa claim, So what can i or should i do. my caree can not work so she should get the benefit she is entitled to, but im prepaired to work from home i feel a bit snookered. we wont get any esa as i would be working and theres no way we could afford a cock up like that. i didnt wont to claim esa, but as my partner is disabled it has to be a joint claim. think that is unfair. or am i being a bit stupid??? or selfish or well not sure what i feel, just think i should be allowed to to do some work and get paid without it effecting my caree benefits.

hope that makes sense.