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Hi I am new here - Carers UK Forum

Hi I am new here

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi all,

My name is Lee and i am 33 and i live in brighton.

Just after My Wife and I got married she was diagnosed with Primary Severe Fibromylgia,
since then i have been her carer, i used to be a chef, but now i am retraining to work with computers so i can work from home with maybe a home business so as i do not have to leave her alone.

I am looking to make friends and get advice from people in similar situations and circumstances and just to chat.

I am very friendly and like people so looking forward to contacting whhomever.
Hi Lee

Welcome just ask what ever questions you want if we can answer them we will give advice and may be we can pick your brains for some good affordable recipe's.

Hi Lee
Im a newbie too! You live in my favourite place in the world! I know Brighton pretty well and hope to move to Hove asap. In the meantime I care for my father in law who has vascular dementia.
I think if you know about computers and cooking you'll be a very popular newbie Image
Hello and welcome to the forum Image
Hi Lee and welcome Image
Jump in anywhere, the water's fine Image
Hi Lee,

Welcome to the forum. Plenty of support, advice and friendly chat to be found here. Roll call on carer to carer is a good place to get to know the lovely people on here.

Thankyou all for the warm welcome and you all sound absolutley fantastic.

Please feel free to ask me about food i love to talk about it and i look forward to speaking to many of you
Welcome to the forum, Lee....I have fibro myself, so I know what a good job you must be doing! Image Erm, I absolutely HATE cooking! (Pamela works out how many miles it is to Brighton) 'oh tut, too far for a day's cooking!' lol
Hello and welcome Image
thankyou very much for all your kind words