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Hi I am a New Member xx - Carers UK Forum

Hi I am a New Member xx

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hey everybody

My first post as just came across this site. I am julie 42 and a full time carer to my husband Ed who 5yrs ago was diagnosed with MS and has just recently advanced to secondery progressive. He is 37 and can no longer work.

I have a fab family and few amazing select friends but does anybody else feel alone in the role of carer? I find it so hard to say how I feel and that it's so hard especially having 4 children who rely on me my oldest 16 youngest 2.

Didn't want my first post to sound so moany lol, anyway guys just wanted to say hi.xxx
Hi Julie

I am the carer of my much older 78 year old husband. I think the feelings of isolation are common. Like you, I have good friends but unless they have been carers themselves, they do not know how hard the day to day drudgery is.

All I can suggest is that you see if you have a local Carers Group and could maybe go for a telephone befriender - often someone who has direct experience of caring.

I am sure others will be able to suggest other things such as making sure you get all the help you can.

I do not know how you juggle your husband and 4 children but it must be very very hard.
Hi Julie
Yes feeling alone is one of the common themes among most of us on here.
I'm somewhat more fortunate than most in that I'm caring for a young adult with moderate MH issues so at least i can work and go out, but I still feel alone as so few friends with healthy offspring understand. I find more understanding here among other carers who realise the constant pressure and concern and guilt.
There's many on here caring 24/7 who don't get a break or time to socialise.
That's where the forum is a lifeline. Response may not be immediate but you will find there are other MS carers here,, and others caring for spouses and children.

Do you get any help at all? Any ' me' time whatsoever?

Hi Ladies

Thank you for replying. It is extremely hard work at home. I do not get a minute to myself which makes me feel so penned in.

I love my husband and children the absolute world and in honesty wouldn't change us as in a sense although I feel weak in myself it makes our family unit so so much stronger.

No I don't get any help, I am going to ring adult services and ask hubby's OT for an assessment of my needs as a carer. I didn't realise I could do this.

Thanks for the reply it makes me feel better knowing I am not alone.

Enjoy the rest of your day ladies.xxxxx