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Hi from N.Ireland - Carers UK Forum

Hi from N.Ireland

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi all my name is Bernie, I'm married with 2 boys Adam 16 and Christopher who is 12.
I have been a carer for Christopher since he was a few months old, my wee man had a brain hemeroage when he was 4 and half months old and was given only a few hours to live. Well here we are 12 years on Christoper is now cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Hydrocephalus and sight problems.
I also have Arithits in both hips, knees and Back I have had the hips replaced which has made things easer at home just a note on my eldest Son Adam he is a Young Carer and has help me out manys of times when I was in great pain, and attents a Young Carer project, hes been a star in my life.

Ok sorry I do prattle on lol

Hello Bernie

Welcome to the forum!

Always great to have a newcomer from my part, we have such few Image I'm sure that you'll find it really helpful and supportive! You need any help just shout there is always someone around..

Look forward to your posts
Take care
Thank you Maryann for the Welcome go to know there is more of us N Irelanders here

Hi Bernie,

Just adding my welcome too.
Sounds like you had your work cut out for you over the years.Look forward to reading more from you.

Just adding my welcome to the site, Bernie!
Hi Bernie, prattle away Image Image
Hi Bernie
Welcome to the forum.
Merry Christmas to you.
What a great welcome from you all Thank you

Hi all Since coming onto Carers Uk I have seen alot of good advice given out and support to other Carers and I think that is brillant.

But I also have seen threads about given other users respect and other threads been locked *a rightly so from what I read* . When joining Carers UK I thought this would be a Forum where the people would understand the other people using the site as we all have gone through the same thing, the feelings, the problems and the heartache. I was sadden to find that we have carers having ago at other carers talking about verbial abuse and such like, and when the adim or mods come on the calm things down and deal with problems they are pounced on because people have not read thier posts probley.

I feel that is letting all the good work been done here down and it also has put me of posting as I would be scared someone would take offence at my oppionion and I think it may well put of other newbies maybe someone who may be at breaking point doing thier caring role and might just want someone to hear them.

I will have to think long and hard about staying on this site

may I just add that this is my oppionion and to those you are doing a great job on here keep it up

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all

Bernie, thank you for your support and good wishes.

I think all of us get a little tired from time to time that there is the occasional spat. But most of us are carers and in a very stressed state, so it is easy to pick up on a badly worded phrase or comment, or to feel that someone is getting at you - when often they are not.

I visit more than one forum - some have nothing to do with carers - and I have to say that much of what goes on here is pretty mild by comparison!

Nobody should feel that they cannot come here for support and advice. It's what the majority of us come here for.