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Hi everyone, I care for my 21 year old son who has had severe ME for over 6 years. We live with our crazy dog Jack (the boss ) in Cornwall, We consider ourselves lucky because we still have our sense of humour! Image Sometimes you really need it. I like the thread on things to be grateful for - it's very positive and can help take your attention off the harder side of caring.
I'm looking forward to making new friends on here and contributing to threads.
Hugs Ang
hi Angela and welcome to the forum Image
Kat xx
hi ange wellcome to the forum its good you have got your sense humour and youlive in a loverly part of the world take care GOD BLESS Image Image Image Image
welcome to the family!!!!!
Hi Angela
Welcome from me to. Image
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Welcome.Sense of humour will fit in well here. Image Image Image
Hi Ang,

Welcome to the forums.

Hope you enjoy your time here x
Thanks everyone for the lovely welcome. Image