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Hi from an old worn out fellow carer - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Hi from an old worn out fellow carer

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Are you kidding me! Give it another 5 months, and I'll have strangled mum, not to mention dad, my bros, SIL... and myself.

Now ten years... that's some caring, Long Timer!
Hello again Koala

Glad to hear you are enjoying this site and it is a great help to know that people on here are in the same boat and it doesn't matter what you talk about either.

Good luck with the family tree, I did ours a few years back and it can get quite addictive so have stopped for now. My mother wanted to know more and found some info that she didn't know (which is amazing because according to my mother she knows everything). The stories that she told us as children weren't true and even my fathers side there were things that he said that I have since found to be untruths.
Unfortunately no one else is interested in knowing so there is no point in carrying on spending money on the past, may as well spend it on the future.
My father was a £10 pom though went to NZ in 1952 and my mother and sister followed the next year. I think it is funny how I have lived in England longer than my sister (12 years longer in fact Image ).
Gearing up for Christmas with mild weather at present however winter is knocking on the door eagerly waiting to pops its cold head through and staying for a few months.
Next week I will start delivering all the cards and presents (I like to get it done early) and then maybe just maybe I might consider getting the decs out of the loft, dusting them off and possibly even putting some up this year, just for a change - I usually make the Grinch look like the Christmas fairy. My neighbours say I should make the effort as it may be mothers last Christmas, I reply that it could be mine they way I run round after her lol.
Time to get ready for work (only 2 hours in the mornings). Enjoy your day
Kiwigaz, I know what you mean about the family tree. I also discovered untruths on both sides of my tree. I thought it quite fascinating, but no one else in the family seemed at all interested.

I'm glad that you mentioned Christmas decorations. I've been thinking of not even having a Christmas this year as Mum's short term memory is so non-existent. Now I'm remembering all of my sparkly decorations and thinking "Hmmm". I could dig out my Hits of the War Years CDs, and Mum and I could spend Christmas Day playing Glenn Miller as loud as I dare. Image
Hello and welcome Image
Hello and welcome! Image
My mum loves Glen Miller too. Chatangoa choo choo is a fave. And Bill Haley and the Comets... Rock around the clock.
Blast that stereo on Xmas day. Who knows, you may start a party!!!!
Wow, it's wonderful to hear that other carees still love hearing their old music. Glenn Miller is way before my time, but I love him now. "In the Mood" is my favourite.

Mum is so cute when I play her music. She's totally tone deaf, but I can hear her softly warbling along to the music, her little feet tapping away like crazy. Sometimes I wish I knew how to jitterbug and maybe we could have a couple of spins around the room.

Is there any way we can get technical advice here? I'm pretty good with computers, but I have no idea how to copy music onto a CD from Youtube. Earlier this year I found Tex Ritter's "Remember the Alamo" (1955) on Youtube. Both Mum and I love it, but I couldn't find it anywhere on CD to buy. Eventually I managed to talk the young boy at the local computer shop into copying it for me. (He started playing the song, heard the first two bars or so and snapped it off in disgust saying it was awful.)

Please forgive me if what I've just described is illegal. I'm more than happy to buy any songs I might find that way, but I simply haven't the faintest idea how one does it.

On a brighter note I bought a Patti Page CD on eBay yesterday (from England of all places). That should keep Mum and I bopping on Christmas Day.
My mum get's a regular magazine/sales leaflet from a company specialising in "Golden Oldies", both movies and CD's. Next time I go over to her place I'll bring one home and put the details on here, in case anyone else is interesting. I'm sure it must be possible to order them online as well, so it doesn't really matter where you are in the world.
Hi and welcome,

international members are very welcome, that's the beauty of cyber space!