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Hi from Aberdeenshire!! - Carers UK Forum

Hi from Aberdeenshire!!

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Image Hi, I'm Christina and I am the proud mum and carer of a 10 year old lad with autism. His father was sadly diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder so I was the carer to two people for a while but we are now happily divorced and I am now reunited with my my very first love (who I first met when I was about a week old!!) and is also now my little lads step-dad so life is much better now.
It is so good to discover a website that addresses all the issues that carers face everyday. My partner and I have only been out one evening in two years for a meal at a restuarant (yes - with our little lad... Image ) and recently we have had to fight with the DLA to get his mobility component of his DLA 'lottery' reinstated (autism appears to be curable these days.... Image ).
I have epilepsy and migraines so it isn't always that easy on a day to day basis but then that is the role of the carer - the hidden unpaid workforce. ( NO, carers Allowance does not compensate me for the well paid teachers job I gave up to care for my son Image )
Hi Christina,

Welcome to the forum and hope that you soon feel at home.Others will be along to add their welcome too but in meantime take a look round the site if you have time.A wealth of information to be had.
Any questions just holler.

Hi Christina and welcome aboard.

My "lad" is 23 now and has autism, and I know there are quite a few of us around - take a look around the board and you'll see we have some lively debates and some "interesting characters" Image
Hi Christina and welcome Image
Hi Christina nice to meet you and welcome to the forum Image
Thanks for the nice welcome. I'm sure I'll find my way around the site in no time Image and in the meantime I will look forward to finding one of the lively ongoing debates.
As a newbie I should have perhaps mentioned that I am doing a postgraduate degree in the Applied Psychology of Learning/Intellectual Disabilities with Portsmouth University - anything to keep the little grey cells ticking over and doing something for me as well as something that is relevant to my life as a carer. Of course it is a distance learning course (commuting from Aberdeenshire to Hampshire everyday really isn't an option as my lad comes home from school at 3.00pm!! Image ).