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i am a carer for my disabled husband have been for the last 20 years as his condition has got worse he is wheelchair bound 24/7 we have carers that come in 4 times aday to assist him with his general needs now i have been told that he has probably got the early stages of dementia he his 50 years old i am 48 i have had to fight for everything we have got at the moment and i now getting to the point where it is getting all to much for me i have to work to save my sanity most of all the carers group here operate in the mornings i work mornings so i cannot get to them also why do carers have to pay for perscriptions without us how would other people cope for our realtions if something happened to me or i was sick what would happen it is so unfair
Hi Tracy
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I care for my mum and work part-time, so also find it difficult to attend carers' groups sometimes. I agree with you about the prescriptions, but thank goodness mum is entitled to free meds!

take care xx
Hi Tracy, welcome to the forum.
Kiki xx
Hello Tracy - Welcome to the forum Image
"Carers who are in receipt of Carers Allowance are exempted from prescription charges, but if you don't receive it then unfortunately, no exemption." - SussexRokx

I never knew this -can you point me towards the web page with this on please!!!
I didn't know either!!
You need to claim some form, as it goes on your total income. HCC1 , or something. All doctor's and dentist's surgeries have them.
You need to supply a months worth of pay slips, blah, blah, blah. And if you've had any prescriptions/ dental work done in mean time (it takes 6 wks to process this stuff) keep the receipts. You can then claim them back.
I've recently got my 'certificate' back; which, incidentally, I don't need now, as I've been approved for IS.
So, go into your doctors/dentist's surgery, ask for this form.... and take it from there.
I wish I could be more helpful, regarding the number to ask for this form; but I can't. I binned the bloody thing as soon as I found out I didn't need it. It's a bit of a rigmarole, but worth it. XXXXXXXXXXXX
Just wanted to say hello and welcome.
Sorry - I misunderstood Sussex Roxx - I thought you were saying that the carers allowance was the qualifying benefit which i had never heard before. I did know about the low income, income support etc which are qualifying benefits for the free prescription charges.
Hi and welcome,

I work too and when I'm not at work I'm caring ... so I cannot easily attend things for carers - hence the forum is a godsend.