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1st Timer - cost ov Mum's anxiety - Carers UK Forum

1st Timer - cost ov Mum's anxiety

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello everyone. v = eph due to laptop malvunction!!
It's been a revelation to find this site and read some of the amazing posts.
In many ways we & Mum are extremely fortunate. Mum's three sisters live near her & they, my two sisters & myself make a good family team. We all play our part in the rota, and employ 5 carers using direct payments and Mum's resources. We provide supervision and the family team carries out all management functions (care decisions, liaison with professionals, money & rota) HOWEVER, we are having enormous difficulty re one aspect of Mum's illness ie general and obsession focused ANXIETY. At this stage, it is only because Mum gets into 'states' when she panics and loses the abilities she has at calmer times, that she needs very expensive (and she feels intrusive) 24/7 care.
Although Mum is lucky enough to be under the care of a psychiatric team and a CPN visits regularly, they have done very little to help us deal with this problem. It is undermining Mum's confidence, preventing her from developing the increased independence she longs for and reducing the little quality of live she has.
Any ideas / suggestions would be very very welcome.
Something the organisation could perhaps take on board is the financial cost of this aspect ov dementia. Because it necessitates 24/7 care the financial cost is prohibitive. We are concerned that Mum's resources are being depleted paying for 24/7 care now when she is actually fine physically and re personal care & not too bad memory wise. There will be no money left when she REALLY needs fulltime care.
Phew! I think that's quite enough or a 1st time posting !! Jillianjavascript:emoticon(':roll:')
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Hi Jillian, welcome to the forum, lots of people will be along soon with help and advice.
Bluebird x
hello jillian

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Hi Jillian and welcome Image
Hello Jillian,
welcome. Love the "Vs" it make you sound Swedish! Image
I've been having trouble with my laptop lately. it's got a mind of its own!
There's lots of lovely clever people on this site who will help you with your questions. Afraid I'm not much use.

Good luck

Depends on your definition of help, Pete,
reading your posts always gives me a 'feel good factor' and that has to count as help Image
Hi - great post - welcome and I know you will find some great company, a laugh or three and sound advice here ... take it all with a pinch of salt though!

I know what you mean: after much soul searching I finally found a 24 hour care home for one of my two carees, and it was a good decision. But it is a very very tough decision. What made it easier was that it wasnt a crunch, it was a gradual transition of increasing spells of respite, from a week to a fortnight, then a month, then two or three months, gradually easing over the transition and creating what I now think of as "a triangle of trust".

You don't stop caring when your caree enters long term care - the task continues but it is no longer so demanding.
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Hi Jillian and welcome aboard
Just to say thank you to all those who have given me such a warm welcome. I veel supported already! Jillian Laughing Image