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Hi - fairly new on here - Carers UK Forum

Hi - fairly new on here

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi all,
I did used to come on a few months ago.
Now my husband has got throat cancer so I really am fully a carer and I need advice and help please.

Firstly, how do I change my password please? I had trouble getting back on and have had to use a temporary password.
Hello Mandie,

So sorry to hear about your husband's throat cancer.

To answer your question - on the tabs at the top you will see Forum Profile, click on that tab, then on the dark grey bar on the right-hand side you will see the Edit button. Click on that button and there in the User Account you can Edit User Information which includes your password. Don’t forget to then scroll down and hit the Save button.

Took me a while to find it too. Good luck with changing your password. :)

Are you okay? How are you both coping?

You can access the forum profile, grey banner, from there use the small edit button right hand side of the dark grey banner, user account there should give you access to change your password. Saving changes is usually the key to them working. :) If you still have problems then contact one of the mods or admin.
Hi Mandie,
sorry to hear about your husbands throat cancer, hope you are both coping. I am a former carer to my mum (brain cancer) and my husband (lung cancer) both of whom have since passed away.
is your husband having chemo? My friend's husband has throat cancer and has just finished his chemo, one of the main problems they face is that he can't use or move his tongue to chew or swallow. he is on a feeding tube but has to re-learn how to use the muscles in his tongue.
take care, and hope you both doing alright,
love Phoebe xx
Welcome back, sorry that it's under these circumstances though. Sadly cancer has visitec my family too. I found that there were some helplines which dealt with specific cancers, they were all ery kind to me, giving information gently, happy to ask any questions I had, one even got in touch a few weeks letter to see how things were going..
Just wanted to say, hi and welcome to the forum.