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Very scared

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My wife had a fit on Saturday, due to too much Lithium in her body, the doctor stopped it the previous Tuesday as her blood test showed it to be too high, that Saturday dinner time was one of the scariest times of my life, I had just brought her back from a drive and she said that she felt really tired, as she got out of the car, she collapsed into my arms, her eyes went to the back of her head, I managed to carry her to the conservatory and got her onto the chair, she slid straight back onto the floor, by this time her face was starting to go white, my daughter called the ambulance, when they arrived they immediately gave her air, but was not responding, I thought that I had lost her, then she started to come around, her eyes still rolling backwards and very vacant, they decided to take her to Hemel Hempstead General hospital and fed her more air, they gave her a drip as she was low on body salts, I was pacing the corridor, after about 2 hours she came around but had to stay in hospital over night, on sunday she was discharged, the fit had left her all very confused, she has problems speaking, her eyes go in and out of focus and her co-ordination is all over the place, the GP said that all of this will return to normal, I just pray that he is right, my wife would be so upset if these problems were here to stay and so would I, has any body else experienced anything like this to share as it has left me feeling very numb.

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